Lookbook Post: A Sea of White

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lookbook Post: A Sea of White

Shorts: Allure8ight
Boots: Twistpolka (from 2 yrs back)
Shades: BKK

Location: Bel Aire Resort, Phuket

It's been a long while since I last paired an all-white outfit. Everytime whenever I have the urge to go for the "all-white" look, i'll be reminded about how I always spill things on myself without fail
It's annoying but i've come to terms with it and hence, I haven't been the most ambitious person with white clothing hehe.
But nevertheless I decided to give it a go when I was in Phuket because I knew that we had to return back to the hotel to change into our swimsuits shortly after breakfast and lunch. 

This set of photos has gotta be my favorite set because I thought it was kinda cool and interesting to have all things white together.
PLUS, it was Matt's idea to do the shoot with the laundry towel cart sitting outside our room. Hehe my creative juices will never ever make me think of that. Seriously.

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On a side note, i've just got my hair done at my favorite Salon, Salon Vim yesterday!
If you guys are wondering why they are my favorite, i'll definitely share more in my next entry.
Too excited! Hehehe

Love and Miss all,

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