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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Phuket Post : Part II

For the second day in Phuket, we decided to explore the famous No.6 restaurant that was highly recommended by Tripadvisor and my friends who visited Phuket before.

But first, we needed to fill our tummies up for the day. And since we all wanted this trip to be a "chill" one, we woke up at 10am everyday! Hahaha okay not for me, but for the rest because I had to catch the morning sun to shoot every morning. Hehe
But i've got no complaints really!

Since the food in Phuket was so ridiculously expensive and we only brought $300 SGD each to spend in Phuket (& actually thinking that it'd be more than enough HAHA) we settled for the cheapest and laziest breakfast!

I didn't mind cause I LOVE CORNFLAKES and I have them everyday in Singapore too! hehe

A mini packet of cornflakes cost 10-11THB while a medium sized bottle of milk cost 24THB.
Its still cheaper than a 150THB breakfast la huh. Hahaha

We were greeted by this view in the morning from our room!
Bel Aire Resort is superrrrr huge and they have a few blocks surrounding little bars in huts as shown below.

That morning, we decided to head for some Go-kart!
Its a pity I had to keep my camera in the lockers because i'd probably fling it out while driving LOL.
There were a few speeds we could choose from: 50km/h (500THB) , 70km/h (800THB), 1000 km/h (1300THB) for 15 mins.

Once more, I went
At the price we had to pay just for that 15 mins. PFFT. Eileen and I wanted to go for the 50km/h one because it was cheaper for me, and seemingly more safe for her. LOL
But the woman at the counter told us that 50km/h wouldn't be as fun. So we all got psycho-ed into getting the 70km/h one. HAHAH 
*$32 just flew away in 15 mins. Stabs heart*

True enough, it was pretty fun. And i came in first, woohoo!!!
Kept thinking about my 32 bucks and I knew I needed to make full use of it. Stepped hard on the paddles and went "YOLO!!!!" (in my heart of course) 
Must make full use of their fuel right... :X

Next, we were sent to a shooting range because the boys wanted to shoot some bullets. Real bullets.
It wasn't exactly my cup of tea but I guess I can strike off something from my bucket list. haha
We paid 850THB each for 10 bullets. Which lasted for 5 mins -.- 

Once again, I won. haahaha despite it being my first time shooting! 

Both Go-Karting and shooting wasn;t exactly Eileen's and my cup of tea. Hahah but nevertheless the boys enjoyed themselves.
So ladies! If you're like us who are half-hearted about such activities, i suggest you girls save your money for more massage and nails instead. haha!

Headed for lunch at the highly raved about No.6 restaurant located along the streets of Patong

That place was so crowded during lunch time, we actually queued for a good 30 mins!
But that calls for some camwhoring right hehe

Chai Yen here was the best out of all the restaurants I visited!

Tom Yum Koong

Sliced Beef in Yellow Curry Powder

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Mango Sticky Rice
To be very honest, the food was only so-so! Sweet restaurant was so much better imo. 
I thought to myself, not worth the hype at all actually! This meal summed up to about 900THB ($36SGD) and yeah even though it was pretty affordable, it didnt live up to all the hype.
The beef was EXCEPTIONALLY LITTLE. I think I can eat like 6 plates of that. It was not bad but it was just too ridiculously small in serving.

BUT WAIT. Before you strike off No.6 from the list of places to visit in Phuket, i'll give you a sneak review on the last day when we decided to visit No.6 AGAIN. 
And it was one of the best meals we had!

Stay tuned for Phuket Part IV where i'll probably be recommending some dishes from No.6 restaurant.

No.6 restaurant is located at:
Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi
Pa Tong, Thailand

Took a stroll along the streets in Patong after lunch and here are some random visuals.

Straw hats that are ridiculous priced at 350THB each ($14 each)
Whats a day in Phuket without their Thai Young Coconut? It's a must have!
They are priced at around 40THB from the road side stalls. But beware of scammers! The people there are all about scamming every single cent out of you -.-

Romper from ShopMartes
Scroll below for more details!
Scroll all the way down to find out where I got all my outfits featured in this post from!

Stopped by a random massage parlor for some Thai Massage after chilling, which turned out so bad I refuse to post any photos of it. I can't even remember the name of the place. HAHA
But yeah, we haggled and paid 200THB per pax for an hour worth of Thai Massage and IT WAS THE WORST THAI MASSAGE I HAD IN MY LIFE.

The masseur was literally pinching me lol. Even after telling her to go "harder" with the massage, she was still so gentle. I got tired of it and I started editing my photos on my phone, and instagramming while having my body twisted.
Imagine that. HAHA LOL. But because it totally didnt even feel anything at all!!! 

So sorry guys i dont have a good massage place to recommend :( But if any of you knows of any good thai massage place, please leave a comment below!

The sun started to set at around 5pm and we went back to the hotel room to change into our swimsuits.
Mine was this super cute piece by ThePetiteRose!

More on it in my Fashion Diaries below!

Wore this super pretty lace flutter dress from Topazette over my bikini as a cover up that day.

We didn't do much at the beach that day. Just chilled with our coconuts and some great company :) Becauseeeee we were gonna head out to check out the clubs along Bangla Street that night! 

And of course.. I didnt want to lose my camera in the club or have it smashed. But if you guys are wondering how Club Seduction actually looks like, here's a photo of it!

Wayyy better than the clubs in Singapore really.
The music was good.. No disgusting guys creeping up behind you to grind you etc.
Entry is 300THB per pax, and if im not wrong, everyday except fri,sat and sun are ladies' nights!

So yay to free entry (Y) 
They are also currently having some alcohol promo that we almost went with - 1000THB per person incl. entry and free flow alcohol from 10-12 am. 

This was how our day 2 ended! I missed clubbing so much but after that night, I gotta admit that i've already grown older :(
Stay tuned for Part III coming your way soon!


Romper: Shopmartes
Bag: Berrylovestoshop

This beautiful get-up was one of my life-savers for this trip. It was light, appropriate and super compact!
I rolled it up and it only took up like 1/200 of the space in my luggage:) 

Quote "mong10" for 10% for anything in "What's Available" and "mongxmas" for 5% off any item from their new arrivals.
Valid till 31 Dec 2013

Thank you so much for taking time off to read my rambles girlies!
If you're craving more.. stay tuned to the next post coming your way tomorrow/monday!


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