Phuket Part 1 + Fashion Dairies feat. Ilove-cupcakes & Veritajoy

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello hello how's everyone doing!!!! Im finally back from Phuket
Warning, this post is gonna be pretty lengthy and full of pictures. So once again, if you're too lazy to read my rambles then go ahead and just scroll through the pictures!

Scroll all the way down to find out where I got all my outfits featured in this post from!

Before taking off

We checked in at our hotel on the first day, and the hotel we chose was Bel Aire Resort, located only 5mins from Patong Beach. 
Being first timers at Phuket, we thought going to the most popular beach (Patong) was the safest since its the place most tourists would choose if they were to head to Phuket.

But that also meant that things there would be expensive. And yes. Trust me. I almost fainted when I looked at the prices there. 
More on that later!

We were greeted by this extremely large room! I was shocked because I booked it through Agoda at a super good price. I think it was... only $25 each per night?!
And yes, i've got absolutely no complains about the room at all because everything was pretty nice and cozy

We headed outdoors to check out our surroundings and we did a mini outfit shoot. 
I have no idea why the photos I took in Phuket were wayyy nicer than the ones I took in Singapore! Perhaps its the intensity of the sun over there? Hehe thank God for good weather though it was superrrr hot and scorching. But im just glad that it didn't rain a single day I was there even though it's the monsoon season right now ;)

Nails: Milly's

After exploring the resort and everywhere else nearby, we decided to head to the beach in the evening to take a glimpse of what it was like. Changed into something more comfy and beach-appropriate and took an evening stroll to Patong beach

Patong beach was certainly over-crowded. But what to do? Hahah we expected it since we chose the most popular beach in Phuket. However if i were to visit Phuket another time, i'd certainly wouldnt choose to stay at the Patong area, but rather at some other beach.

Meet my very tall friend Eileen who traveled with us! Haha if you're wondering why I look so short in photos next to her.. you might wanna know that she's freakishly tall. Like... 1.78m kinda tall.

Our first dinner in Phuket was probably the best meal I had over our 5 days there. It was also the cheapest meal we paid for (though it wasn't very cheap actually). 

Sweet Restaurant is apparently a super popular restaurant amongst tourists and it had super good reviews on so we decided to give it a try. Surely, it did not disappoint!
We took awhile to find it and we even had to navigate over there because it was situated along the small alleys beside the Patong Tower Building.

One of my favorite Thai "food" (okay its not exactly "food" food but yeah.. you get what I mean)
Is "Chai Yen" a.k.a Thai Iced Tea
However the Chai Yen at Sweet Restaurant was a little too milky and too sweet.
Ask for less milk & sweetener if you intend to try it!

Another must-try when you go to Phuket is their Thai Coconut!
It'd be especially shiok since the weather there is incredibly hot and it'd be purfectttt to enjoy a little thai coconut under the sweltering hot weather.

This meal came up to about 800+ THB (Around $32 SGD)
And if you're going 0.0 because of the price, no im not crazy. $32 is CHEAP in phuket for a meal like this. People who frequent Bkk like me will probably find it really hard to adjust to because everything in BKK is soooo damn cheap. 
Everything in Phuket was as expensive, or even more expensive than the things you can get in Singapore! So brace yourself :)

Sweet Restaurant is located at:
Soi Patong Tower, Off Beach Road
Patong, Phuket

Spent the rest of the night exploring Bangla Road and we stopped by for some crepes!
This nutella banana crepe costed us 100THB ($4 SGD) and it sucked pretty badly :( Crepe was soggy, the dude making it kept rolliing his eyes at us for idkwhatreason.. 
The ones at Platinum Mall in Bangkok was way better and it was only half the price!? PFFT

What's the first night without some booze? Hehe
A bottle of Hoegaarden over at Big C (275THB) and a little breezer for the ones that don't drink hehe. 

So yes! This was what we did on our first day in Phuket. 
Not much because we were all tired from the flight and we spent most of the time doing all the admin matters like traveling from the airport to the hotel, that was 1 hour away.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series of Phuket posts!
For those that have asked me to recommend the places to go and things to do in Phuket, i'll defo try my best okay! Didn't spend too long there and my experiences there were mostly bad than good so.. 
it's sad.


Top: Ninedame
Floral Pants: Veritajoy
Clutch: Veritajoy
Statement Necklace: Ilove-cupcakes

Location: Bel Aire Resort, Phuket

Don't you just love my airplane-friendly outfit? It's so girly yet feminine and airplane appropriate!
My fave would have to the structured white top from Nine Dame and the White Clutch from Veritajoy - both came in so handy during the trip and saved me the headache from thinking of how to style all my clothes because they were so plain yet lovely!

Both of excellent quality, they are also exclusively imported from overseas!
However, both clutch and pants are sold out now. BUT FRET NOT!
Veritajoy has brought in similar designs to feed your wants!
Similar pants here , other bags here

Veritajoy is an online boutique providing wardrobe solutions to all fashion forward shoppers around the globe. It is a site where all fashion lovers come together to shop, interact and be inspired!  
We believe that everyone is different and fashion is not limited to just one particular style or trend.  
At VeritaJoy, we offer a few ranges of stylish options to satisfy your different fashion needs. It is our aim to provide all shoppers a truthful and joyful online shopping experience with us. With Our stringent check before shipping our products, you can be assured of the quality of the goods you purchased. In addition, you need not worry about buying the wrong item, items that will not fit or simply you have changed your mind because it is ok to return your purchase to us, no question ask. 
We have committed ourselves to providing the perfect online shopping experience. We wish that you will be truly happy and joyful whenever you receive our products and whenever wearing them. In Roman mythology, Veritas was the Goddess of Truth. That explains our name VeritaJoy!

Top from: Ilove-cupcakes
Shorts: BKK
Sandals: Jenith
Bag: Berrylovestoshop

Location: Patong Beach

This outfit is definitely something that everyone knows i'll go for! I'm such a sucker for cropped/basic tops with a twist and this is perfect!
Securely padded at the front, it calls for one less step too ;) Hehe only girls will understand the pains of wearing bras. yes girls? ;)

Let me know if you guys would prefer to see my Phuket Fashion Dairies in one long post combined with my Phuket rambles like this or if you guys rather I separate the rambles from anything fashion related?
I've been fretting over it for the longest time, ARGH!

Stay tuned for more Phuket love coming your way, thank you for sticking around guys!

Love ya'll loads,

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