MERRY CHRISTMAS : All about my new HAIR!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

Hope everyone's having a great time stuffing yourselves with good food today. Hehe will draft a proper post on all that i've done for christmas this year soon!
And hopefully (if im not too lazy), a end-of-the-year blog post to end off 2013 :)

Psst. I'll also be holding a giveaway for the 3 Blind Mice Flea soon (tomorrow) so stay tuned and keep a lookout in this space.
5 priority premium passes will be given out to you guys, all you have to do is participate!

Details will be given either tonight or tmr la haha. If you don't want to queue to get in, try to win it okay!
It wont be thattt hard actually because it's so last min now and I doubt many will participate:(

Enough of that, now back to my hair!

All about my NEW HAIR !
This December has been very well to me (Except for some down days like last night) But It's a brand new day today and i've decided to look on the brighter side after one rough rough night of actually crying myself to sleep and soaking my phone causing it to break down for a good 10 mins. 


Why I love december:
- I went to Phuket with the best company I could ask for
- Took many many many nice pictures this month. Matt has tremendously improved this month, surprisingly!
- Got my nail and lashes sponsor 
- Christmas is coming
- Holding two fleas and finally clearing my wardrobe

Thank you God for blessing me with not only any random sponsor, but the trusty Salon Vim!

Personal Fun Fact #1: 

My digital perm (which I did last july 2012) was only gone recently . It lasted for more than 1.5 years. 0.0 and it was done none other than the kind souls at Salon Vim!

It was actually my first perm I ever did on my hair, and im so glad my first experience was already such an enjoyable and one with definite quality. Tell me. Which perm job lasts for 1.5 Years??!

And to be very honest, the curls did not die on me. But more like my hair was getting too long that I kept snipping them off! It took me a total of 6 cuts of some more than 2 inches each (goodness) to finish cutting away all my permed ends.

So my point here is, it's just very very good la! HAHA. SO good that the curls "Disappeared" not because they couldn't last, but because I cut them away over 6 times I visited a salon.
Imagine the joy when I received the email from John, their Director, telling me that they were very interested to have me on board on their team of ambassadors.

Of course, I said yes. Hehehe I'd like to say cooly but that would be a lie LOL. I literally went "OMG OMG OMG OMG YES! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!" in my reply to a corporate email that was sent to me in an all formal tone. 
Thinking back about it.... *facepalm* 

Now after all the rambling, let me take you through my Awesome Salon Vim experience!
I headed down to Salon Vim @ Bugis Village (full address at the bottom of the post)

So this was my hair before... Really flat,  thin, damaged, long and super layered!

Thankful to have my boyyfie with me 

I've always had this misconception about having long and layered hair when it comes to a perm job.
I always thought it was nicer??! Haha and surprisingly it seemed appropriate to all the other salons i've visited too. Hmmm

But definitely not to Wee, my designated hairstylist!
He taught me bout how having hair too long and too layered into a "V" can actually weigh down my hair even more. 
So he decided to give me a shorter look, with rounded ends to create lots and lots of volume in my hair!

Next, it was highlight and dye.
I told Wee that i trusted him with any color he picked for me. And he went 0.0 HAHA
But that's just me! I don't mind trying new things and I knew that everyone in Salon Vim was experienced enough to know what look suit me best :)

I didn't know what color he decided to dye my hair into, even up till this point. HAHA!
But im gonna let you guys know anyway, he dyed it ASH BROWN!
And im so in love with it :)

The thing I love about visiting Salon Vim is that everyone there are really friendly and hospitable.
Immediately after Matt and I stepped in, we had people running to us a few times asking us if we wanted anything to eat or drink.
"We have cold and warm water, coffee, tea, milo..Can I get you anything?"
"no thank you we just had a cup of coffee :)"
"really? you sure you don't want anything? Don't be shy okay!"

What struck me was they even cared so much about Matt who wasn't there for their services!
Hehe. Wee who kept asking if i was comfortable and hungry, got someone to bring this set of water and cheese biscuits to me.

Next it was on to digital perm, where I asked for loose waves that will give me volume.
My main concerned was Volume and my only worry was to walk out of the salon looking like a poodle.
They laughed when I told them that >< And told me that even though the barrels they were using weren't the large ones, there's a difference in rocking a teeny weeny "tighter" curls vs looking like a poodle. HAHA

Meanwhile, his cute little assistant came over and handed me with her handpicked range of haircare products for me to continue using at home.

And let me tell you guys. Don't waste money on all those cheaper shampoos you find conveniently in supermarkets anymore. 

I've been an avid user of all the usual shampoos from young, and little did i know that using the right shampoo for your hair is very very important. It left me with a super sensitive scalp and its harsh chemicals and artificial substances in them actually made my hair even more dry,brittle,flat,dull. You name it.

I was introduced to the Kerastase Resistance shampoo (Left) by Salon Vim, and it really does what it says! 
I remember using it for the first time and I was such a happy girl in the shower, scrubbing my head. LOL. Came out of the shower and texted Matt immediately telling him how good it was >< 
Dont judge.

But seriously guys, how many of you have come across shampoos that can make your hair feel as if you just slathered on a whole bottle of conditioner on your head?!
MInd you. It's SHAMPOO! GAH!

Although the price of it is a lot higher than those you find outside ($39/bottle) , I highly recommend you to it because I finally understand how important haircare is. And haircare starts from what you do in the shower!

The legendary Mythic Oil to nourish and moisturize my hair, without weighing it down and it definitely doesnt leave an oily residue if you use an appropriate amount!
Play ball that is SUPER CUTE - tames frizz in my curls and defines them. Similarly, it doesnt leave my hair oily nor does it weigh it down

Before leaving, Wee recommended I do a treatment mask to pamper my roots as well, since they have been chemically treated and damaged.

And HERE WE GO! My new awesome hair.
Say hello to a brighter looking me, with the bounciest curls and the most voluminous hair i've seen on myself.
Thank you SALON VIM for the awesome hair job and for the perfect hospitality :)

If you guys are ever wondering, how does my locks look now that it's been a week since I visited the salon, take a look!

Super Voluminous and don't you just love my new hair color on my golden skin tone? :)


You guys are now entitled to 10% off services when you visit Salon Vim Bugis and request for Wee to do your hair!
Simply quote "Mongchin" to enjoy the discount.

Valid for first time customers only.

Salon Vim is located at:

235 Victoria Street, Bugis Village (Just right behind the bus stop)
Singapore 188027
Tel +65 6837 0073/ +65 6837 0045

313 Orchard Rd, Somerset 313
Singapore 238895
Tel +65 6884 7757 / +65 6884 7767

So what are you waiting for! Head down now to Salon Vim and get ready to party all day, all night! New Years, Valentines' Day, CNY. Come at me!


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