Happy Fat 7th!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy fat 7th!

Hello everyone, I know this post is a Littttleee overdue now that Matt & I celebrateed our 7th official month a week back.
But I guess better late than never right?:)

Deciding on the place to eat has gotta be the BIGGEST headache between the two of us, to date.
Im not even kidding! It's like we've gone to so many places to eat that we are kinda running out of nice food places to try (?)

Pains of a food addict. 

Anyhow, I chanced upon a photo of a very nice looking brunch set from Habitat Coffee one day on Instagram and we decided to head there to check it out!
Don't worry, this is not a sponsored post once again, just sharing with you guys good stuff ^^

My date for the night

Bits and pieces of their menu, which can be found here.
I chose to only capture the sections i especially love, if you realised. HEHE (Desserts and snacks)

I ordered their Eggs Tomato Relish ($15 if im not wrong)
Because I saw this on their instagram soooo many times! That told me that it's popular, right? Haha

Served in a personal pan, it contained Eggs, tomato, baby spinach and bacon. Alongside some toast.
Although this was an "All Day Breakfast" Dish, it certainly managed to fill me up to three quarters full!

The MnMs will never everrrrrr visit a cafe without eating truffle fries (if they ahve it on their menu) because we're such suckers for it!
This was only $9, which was Cheap, considering all the truffle fries elsewhere are wayy more expensive than that.
However, it wasn't any good and although it was okay , meaning edible.
The oil was literally dripping off the strings of potatoes and it soaked the entire paper lining beneath it. I couldnt help but take a stack of serviettes to squeeze the excess oil out of each strand before putting them into my mouth.


Im a big fan of churros and I'd jump at any opportunity to have some churros if i could! If only churros were more popular and more readily-available in Singapore.
The churros at Habitat was no doubt the best i've tried thus far. Really.
It was crispy on the outside and incredibly soft on the inside.
 But do take note that you gotta eat them while they're hot or they will be pretty disgusting once they have cooled down.

Matt ordered their Blacken Dory Pasta ($16)
Which tasted not bad too! 

We left the place feeling soooo sooo full haha! Always stuffing ourselves with good food. 
Sadly, the nicest foods are never healthy :/ There are still soooo many more i'd like to try from Habitat and i can forsee myself heading over when I have more time to spare :)

/Happy 7th month to my sweetheart if you're reading this xo/

I do know that i'm very lucky to have a lot, and have the opportunities so many would die for. And i'm very very thankful.
We have our down times, don't we?
I've been praying and i will continue to pray for my happiness to be complete.
Sometimes even when the whole world acknowledges your success and cares for you the way you want to be cared for, it will never be complete unless the people whom you deem matter sees your achievement too.
Because ultimately, blood is thicker than water.
We all want our parents to be proud of us, don't we? 
 And for those who think that i'm being a whiny bitch about my "seemingly" perfect life, i just wanna remind you that there are so many behind-the-scenes you guys don't see about me. 
So please, before you start accusing me of not being appreciative of whatever I have, think about how you only know me through the things I share on my social media pages.
Nobody's life is perfect and so is mine. And i'm trying.
Do me a favour, let me rant in my own little spaces alright? :(

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