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Friday, November 01, 2013

Hey all! 
Im so sorry for the lack of updates this week.. been soooo busy with all my work in school and its now week 10 going week 11.
If you're a SMU student you will know what these dates mean. Simply means lots of sleepless nights and back to back meetings and all because most submissions are due on week 13/14.
Sigh. Those of you who've been following me on twitter (@mongabong) will notice that i've been so stressed up and I haven't been feeling at my best at all these days. Which also explains the previous blog post. 
NOTHING has been going my way, honestly. 
With the whole disappointment from the switching of courses, to meeting the profs to discuss my case but to no avail. On top of that, i've got 4 assignments that I need to work on and everyone is talking about bidding about next sem's mods & I have absolutely no idea what mods to take.
Doesnt help when my good accounting friends will be away next semester and I don't know who to take my accounting mods with :/

I guess the problem with me is that I am always stressed up at people who are more stressed up than I am - makes me feel like im not doing enough, or im not matching up to the standard. 
One big advise I'd give to anyone choosing their universities now, is that if you are intending to come to SMU, be prepared to slog from day 1. You HAVE to, don't end up like me. 
Perhaps wallowing in self-pity isn't the best way out (like duh) and I know it myself, somewhere deep inside. But i just cant help it. Just praying that things will get better as time goes by ? 
Idk, i don't really have a choice now do I..

In the mean time, don't forget me okay guys?:( I know i've neglected this space for a really long time and coming back with this ranting entry isn't the best thing I can offer, but please bear with me through this two weeks!

Some visuals from my Instagram (too lazy to bring my camera out as all I do is stay in school or rush to places for shoots and rush back to school again zzz)

Had lunch with my bestfriend (finally) at 4.3 on wednesday
4.3 is a student operated cafe in my school and its REALLY good. Its a pity they don't operate on weekends, if not i'd definitely recommend this cafe to everyone! 

Been a super long while since I did a mirror-OOTD in school,
so yes this is how I usually dress to school for those who have been asking!
All basics, and I dont even spend more than 2 mins while picking out my outfits for school on days like these

Random mirror selfie from a shoot about 2 weeks back

Had two back-to-back shoots yesterday. Was literally rushing everywhere all over singapore like some mad woman. Not to mention cabbing like 4 times in a day OMG.
I hardly even cab at all! But it seems like it's becoming a SUPER BAD habit now and its sucking so much money :(

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Keep in touch xx

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