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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Family Time

Headed for a well-needed family breakfast on Deepavali (yesterday) and we decided to head to Tim Ho Wan since it's so rare that all of us were free.
 Finding a common time slot amongst all 5 of us was always a huge problem because everyone's so caught up with their own lives they barely have time for anything- I was so busy, my sis stays in hall, and my sis is prepping for her O levels etc
But since it was a public holiday and we havent had breakfast as a family for quite some time already, we made that day an exception.

Despite having to queue for 1 hour just to get in, it was well worth it.
Prepare to look at all the food photos (SPAM, BTW), and try not to drool in front of your computer screen okay! I found it really hard to not salivate while editing these photos hahaha. 
As usual, we over-ordered. This time, like mad! You will know what I mean when you scroll down later ><

Legendary fried BBQ Pork Buns
Nobody leaves Tim Ho Wan without eating this ok? I mean it. NO ONE.
We ordered 12 buns that day, oops.

The baby of the family

In the yeoh family, everyone is equipped with their cameras all the time. Especially when we gather together for food, nobody is allowed to touch the food until everyone has taken a photo of it/ instagramed it. HAHA 

Glutinous rice chicken - This was Goooooddddd and so generous!

Century Egg Congee 

Siew Mai - pretty meh..

Beautiful mommmmy

Daddy- yep, you see the photo-taking continues hahaha!
Note that after using the camera, he will use his phone to snap another photo of the same thing. LOL

Chicken feet - which i dont eat.
But apparently it was quite good haha

Chee Cheong Fun that was AMAZEBALLS
Look at all that goodness yum

Legendary fried BBQ Pork Buns
Nobody leaves Tim Ho Wan without eating this ok? I mean it. NO ONE.
We ordered 12 buns that day, oops.

Steamed Egg Cake - Not a fan of it, but it was good la to be fair haha

Har Kow 

One of my favourite Dim Sum dish! THW's was pretty good but I've tried better ones from Swee Choon

Carrot Cake

Yeah! I hope everyone's still with me after the spam . (ooops) HAHA. If your wondering, we ordered around 2/3 portions of each dish! And 4 portions of the BBQ Pork Buns
OMG hahaha we were all stuffed . Somehow my parents thought it was better that they over-order and take away the left overs since we spent so much time queueing hahaha. (Imlikewhatkindoflogicisthatbutwhatever)

So glad I got to spend some precious time with my family that morning, been too stressed out lately and I apologise for all the mooody posts. I know you guys don't like the moody mongabong but I'm getting better already, hooray!
Oh yes, wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you my precious readers for leaving sweet comments on my telling me not to give up :') so touched. 
I'd thank each of you one-by-one if I knew your names!

Proceeded to have a mini photoshoot with Dad afterwards around Plaza Sing. If you guys think our jobs are easy, you're wrong :(
There are so many behind-the-scenes that i'd love to share with you guys, about how we do our advert shoots etc, you'll be like LOL
Okay so... I literally bring a luggage of things, with 5-6 footwear, one million accessories, alot of clothes etc and lug it around to any random place and work on it. 
I'll usually drag my bf or dad with me to be my photographer, so we will be having our own mini-photoshoot in the middle of nowhere with alot pf ppl staring at us. HAHA. 

Imagine that scenario.. me lugging a luggage and posing with a potted plant in a shopping mall... 

HAHAHA! Yeeaaaaahhh for those that are wondering how we do our advert shoots hahah, now you know. 

Now back to the story...

Advert time!

SHOPWILDDAISIES is a newly found Singapore based online fashion shop. 
"Daisies symbolise purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty and simplicity which is what our products represent. Aimed to brighten the colours and styles of a girl's wardrobe, we carry a wide range of the latest fashion apparels at an affordable price."

Daisies are one of my favourite flowers, for those that don't know. I own many many daisy printed things! I even use Daisy by Marc Jacobs.. Hahhaa but that's besides the point.

Wild daisies  kindly sponsored me 2 items, read on to find out more about them + styling tips!

#1: Edinget Slit Hole Top In Black ($19.50)

Where do I even start.. I've got this top in a few different colors because I really adore it's keyhole cut out details around the neckline. And you guys know how I'm a huge fan of basics... I practically live and sleep in them!
Pair it with a pair of monochrome geometric skirt (mine's from Ruby-rouge) like I did, for a polished look. 
Or a brightly colored bottom/bag/accessories to create a "happier" outfit! 

#2: Angie Clover Skirt in Navy Blue ($21) 

A fine example of how Im crazy over basics with a "twist". 
Love it when versatility meets with delicateness! 
Dainty Cut-Out daisy details around the ends of the whole skirt, this piece screams girly, so heads up for the girl-next-doors! 

This piece is now left in one last piece, so get it now!

On top of the two gorgeous apparels, the wild daisies team also packed their newly introduced "Wild pack" for me! How sweet. 
Basically, a wild pack is given to every shopper who spends above $45 at their site for free. It consists of really pretty daisy-themed accessories that can't be found easily! 
Trust me, ive been searching for this pair of earrings for super long now, and Im thrilled when I saw it in the cute little daisy woven pouch. 
Kudos to wild daisies for coming up with something like this to make our shopping experience such an enjoyable one!

"Mongabong@Shopwilddaisies" to enjoy 10% discount

Shop away now!
Instagram: @sgshopwilddaisies 

That's it guys! I'm so sorry this entry is filled with pictures, are you all able to take it all in? Hahaha with all the food and clothes etc..
Hope everyone is having a great time and come on let's go its week 12! 
Pray I don't get slaughtered by 4 submissions/presentations the coming week (Y) 

Love truckloads,

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