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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello everyone!!!
How's everyone been.. It's finally the end of the week tomorrow! HOORAY.
This week has been a pretty slack one for me. And people wonder what i've been doing the past few days..
One answer. EAT. Hahaha EAT AND EAT AND EAT. OMG. 
There goes all the money i've painstakingly earned from shooting T.T 

Today, i'm gonna be sharing two awesome sites where you guys can shop at for wonderful and trendy clothes. AND yet not burn a huge hole in your pockets. 

The first one would be Ruby Rouge, yes I know i'm always seen in their apparels haha. But that's because it's all made of really good quality, at ridiculous prices. 
PLUS, they have decided to launch mini collections every week just to bring the newest and trendiest clothing to their customers :)

First I was sponsored their Multi Heart Necklace, a sweet and simple piece in a gorgeous rose gold that can  be matched with ANY kind of outfits because it's so versatile!

The second piece was their Floral Jeggings that was made in such good material. 
It's really stretchy and can fit different bottom sizes to a T!

Just yesterday morning, I wore the next piece,
Eden cut out floral romper in Black.
What more can I say about this piece? it's floral-y, has cut outs, romper.. MEEEEEE!

Changed into a pair of comfy shorts at night before heading out to meet my beautiful girls for dinner. 
Here's non other than the Valencia Floral Shorts in Pink!
They come in 2 sizes, and 3 different colors.
I know i'm a little obsessed with florals, but hey, its summer time now! Hahaha #dontjudge

They've just launched their New arrivals yesterday, so do check them out!

We headed to Chillax Massage Cafe for some highly raved carbonara and Truffle fries. 
I've been on a truffle fries hunt lately, went to try the truffle fries at PS cafe, Coastal Settlement, Arbite, and now Chillax Cafe.
I would say, out of all these cafe, The coastal Settlement still serves the best truffle fries ever! (Y) (Y) 

Babycino topped with Marshmallow.
I thought there was gonna be coffee in it because it sounded so much like Cappuccino.

Ah well, it was still soo pleasing to the eye. haha 

Fel's Wagyu rosti which was.. Not too bad

Ven's platter

My carbonara which was supposedly superb
It was oookayyyyy~ in my opinion. Not too bad, but definitely not superb. The ones I tried at Ice Edge @ Simon Rd was much better! Haha 

Truffle fries. It was DRENCHED in oil.
Although some might say it's a good thing that the restaurant is so generous with their truffle oil, I just felt that the taste of truffle wasn't strong at all. 
Despite the fact that it was dripping off each strand of fries. 
Pretty disappointing meh:( 

Here are my two gorgeous ladies I've met during sports camp last year! 
They've definitely made SMU a much better place and they were a hugeee part of sports camp:) 

Coming up, I'll be introducing another online store to you guys!
 It is no other than TOPAZETTE, which I recently did an outdoor shoot with. 

The lady boss was kind enough to let me pick any apparel I liked from the recent shoot which was just launched today, and as usual.... I picked their Evalyn Romper!
Everyone knows how mong loves her rompers. HEHE

It's made of such soft material, and its soooo comfy. I literally fell asleep in it this morning :P
Also it has a secure top band, supporting the tube. 
THIS to me, is something very very important!
Im sure its of no special news to everyone that i'm not blessed with a voluptuous body, esp in my upper parts of my body. *AHEM* Hence looking for any apparel in a tube form was always a problem for me. 
But with this, I had no problems at all

It made camwhoring and even chasing after the bus and squeezing through the rush hour crowd so effortless. HAHA
I've gotta admit.. Im always a victim of having to hold unto my tube top whenever I had to do vigorous or big actions because it would always slide lower. BOOO
#painsofaflatchestedgirl #ifonlypplwouldunderstand 

But it's okay! There are sites like Topazette who'd bring solutions to these embarrassing moments :)

Here are a few of my favorite items as well! 

Denim Embro Dress

Kline Cut out top in White

What are you waiting for? Hurry shop now!

Instagram: @topazette


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