June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello guys!! I'm back with a piece of good news hehehe :)
I finalllllllyyyy got my new camera wheeee, also back with a huge hole in my pocket D:
So yay to more and better quality pictures, hurray!

So here's a quick update on the past two days, 
Did a shoot with AWE for their second summer lookbook at a super gorgeous place. 
Always loved working with super fun and caring owners like Charlotte (below) because she just doesnt make me feel like i'm "working" at all!
Met the other model, Sipei for the first time too and she's soooo gorgeous *fangirl mode on* 

And my first ever OOTD taken with a tripod and a self-timer hehe. Not too bad right?
Check out my instagram for more (@mongabong)

So recently I've been heading down to town to look for Matty to have lunch with him during his lunch hour. 
Best girlfriend award goes to ... Hahaha JUZZZ KIDDING.  

So what do you guys think of the photos?:) 
I'd say matt's ootd taking skills have improved tremendously over the past few months. Hahaahhaa yay to nicer OOTD photos in the future as well *throws confetti* 

Also, i'd like to thank all of you guys who bothered to watch my silly video in my previous blog post, and not judge me for it!
Haha it took me quite a while to muster up the courage to do something like that, and even though it's still far from perfect (my face and the video editing skills), I hope to be able to improve on them for my future videos!
Hahaha I agree that i sounded pretty bimbz in there.. but arghhhh sorry guys I have no idea why filming just makes my voice sound more high-pitch.
And it was absolutely not scripted or anything so I was pretty nervous LOL. 
Yes, nervous while shooting myself do my own make up at home. Sounds ridiculous but trust me, it's not easy! I wonder how those Youtube Gurus do it all the time.. Hahaha
Give me some ideas on what you guys want to see in my future videos at my Ask.fm okay! It'll be greatly appreciated. 

Oh yes! That having said, my Everyday Make Up routine video is currently on the way! So yes guys stay tuned to those of you who requested that EONs ago. Hahaha
I need to stop being lazy hur. 

Have a great week ahead guys! Love you all xo


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