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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello lovelies! Its Sunday (By the time I publish this, it'll be sunday)
My week was a really really hectic one. Lots of projects and assignments due this week, presentations the following week (Monday & Tuesday) and more coming up on the week after next.
Once the presentations and projects are finally done, it will be time to mug for finals. Why Why WHYYYYYYY. Hahaha
#complaintsofastudent. Or maybe its only just SMU students? GAH.

Either way, I'm a survivor! Loooook its Sunday woohoooooo~
Despite falling sick, running a fever on and off the entire week and having lost even more weight :( Still, thank God for letting me pull through this insane week.
That having said, there's more to come and I know that this's only the tip of an iceberg. Perhaps I shouldn't even be complaining so much? Well.. Yep maybe ;/

The only things I look forward to are probably going for shoots, earning a little more keeps, meeting my friends and spending more time with Matt. Though there seems to be a lot less time for us to meet now. Hmm

Hi my name is grumpz and i'm a geek.
nah just kidding, it's just me in the morning, dreading school as usual. Hahaha

Ive been taking lots of #ootd lately for the blog shops that have kindly agreed to sponsor me some clothes each week.
And every time before I head to school, i'll have to leave the house 15 minutes early, drag either my dad or sis down with me to snap photos while I pose 0.0 
Mother awkward. Hahahaha they often end up laughing at me and the awkward stares I got from everyone else that passed by D:

Anyhow, this is the Geek crop top I kept from Wonderlustworld  after shooting for them last week.
It's a simple piece that is casual enough for an everyday-look. So check out their latest collection if you haven't! :)

Next up! It was a special shoot for TwoTimesDreams' Birthday collection!
Happy 1st Birthday to the blog shop that introduced me to blog shop modelling. This journey has definitely not been a smooth-sailing one but I'm so happy to see how much they have grown! 
To a tiny little blogshop with only 7 collections before they engaged me, and look how far they have come! So much more professional :) hehe.
For many of you that don't know, one of the owner from the store was actually one of the closest friend I had in primary school. She was my classmate but after we moved off to our different secondary schools, we lost contact. 
It was through this opportunity that I got to meet up with my long-lost friend again. After 6 years! :)

Me posing for the new banner of the web-store.
Happy birthday once again!
Really really grateful to both Manman and Natalie who gave me this opportunity to "start somewhere", and for taking the risk to try a newbie like me out. I didn't know nuts about modelling or posing in front of the camera but thankfully they were patient enough to guide me along the way. 
Slowly, collections after collections, I got better and I became less camera shy, hehe. Talking about collections, I realised, I have been with them for... more than 10 collections ! 
Wow time flies. Here's a recap, hahaha
Collection 8.
Still looking so camera shy and chubby

Collection 9
Slightly better

Collection 10
This was when I dye-ed and permed my hair for Bash!

Collection 11

Collection 12
Did my first photoshoot with another TTD's model

Collection 13

Collection 14

Collection 15
When the army/camou craze came on
Collection 16
First bun. LOL

Collection 18
Took a hiatus from collection 17, and came back with a brighter lippie :*
This's my favourite collection so far!

Collection 20

Collection 21 

The latest, Collection 22.

Wow. The nostalgia.
So touched I wanna cry LOL :') 
We have certainly came a long long way! 

P.S check out their new web page layout if you haven't! Click here.

Initially, I wanted to blog more about my recent shoot with MyPaper last friday, and the magic show by FCBC i attended. But I figured that if i were to do that, this whole post would be filled with photos of myself! 
HAHA I shall spare you guys the pain of seeing the same face over and over again, so i'll leave that for the next post, which is... IDK when. 
Sigh so busy:(

Have a great week ahead!
Lots of Love, 

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