Between You and I

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello dear readers! How are your weekends coming along? Mine's been a real busy one:( 
Waking up everyday with a body ache is no joking matter. I guess, my body is really getting a little too exhausted.
What can I do about this? Does anyone know any tips for over-exhausted bodies? Lol D: 
I do sleep for more than 6 hours everyday, I hardly even party or drink these days, I drink honey water every morning (what I was told by my parents), but nothing is working ! >:(
Anyhow, this few weeks are gonna be hell and it will only get worse as all the assignments and project deadlines approach. 
We can only persevere and pray that our bodies don't fail during this crucial period *fingers crossed*

As promised, I said I would show you guys once I finish re-decorating my area in my study/room:
My stationery drawer which I emptied and cleaned, turned it into my makeup storage hehe 

Cupcake stand that I used to store all my shades and arm candies that I wear often. 
As for the ones I don't wear that often, I kept them in my boxes collected from MakiSan that I placed in another drawer.

My perfumes 

Some of my favourite quotes and photos
A closer picture of my Peace Jewelry hook that tested my construction skills. Hahaha
The parcel was missing the hooks at the back, and I was too lazy to complain and send it back to ask for a new one so I improvised it with a little help from my parents.
Tied it up with fishing lines and drilled a hole at the top of my wardrobe to hang it like a picture frame :)
Kudos to my newly-discovered talent ^^v.

Sunflower that have been with me since Valentines Day in 2007.

As for my fairy lights on my bed, I'm sure you guys have seen it. Yay that's it! Work done finally. hehe super happy and satisfied with myself this time round :)

Moving on, 
I was recently sponsored this dress by Twotimesdreams

Their Libson Skater dress in Black
Love how it's super high-quality and comfy! It's superrrrr stretchable too and the fit is WHOAH.
+1000000000 points 
It's very difficult for me to find clothes that can actually fit me because of my weird body size, and once I find something that can fit me well, 99% i'll get it. Such a sucker for those kinda things :/ 
Oh well! Do check out their newest collection if you haven't :)

Now for all the random things, 
Have you guys checked out 8tracks yet? Its awesomezzzzz (Y)

One of my new favorite playlist. 

Random baby photos on my desk. Heh

Went for Lena's with bay and Gid for their 20th month anniversary. Awww :')


My impulsive buy yesterday while walking alone in NEX trying to kill time. I swear, I need to stop buying things whenever I'm alone. Hahaha not too good really :(
Anyway I'm such a sucker for clothes that fit, so yep explains why I got this pair of acid wash denim jeans. Haha

Have a great week ahead everyone! 


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