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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hey guys!
It's finally the end of the week again. Sadly, week 4 zoomed by in a flash and here I am blogging about what I did throughout the week. It's sad how I have to rely on instagram to remind me of all the things I did over the past week. Just been so busy with everything!
School, shoots, meeting up with friends etc. Oh and follow me on Instagram @mongabong if you haven't ;)
I upload photos there like craycray :/

Stay tuned for a surprise video at the bottom! HAHA

So let's start:

On monday, I headed down to SBH to support the SMU guys for their finals against RP

Here's a photo of me and my BBG during the match. Missed this girl so much :'(

Shoot w SSS 

Got a gift for one of my favorite-st princess in this world. Let's hope she like it! *Fingers crossed* 
It's sooo pretty, i would show you guys what I got for her if only its box wast wrapped so nicely!
Then next was the SMU Sports Awards Night which I already blogged about, so here are the pictures.

The badminton girls who attended the prize presentation that night. Here's us doing what they call my "favourite modelling pose" *one arm on the head, and the other on the waist*
Nevertheless we had so much fun trying to pose lol.
With Mr Hot Bod on stage
3/4 of the SMU badminton team

That night was really great. I had so much fun laughing with that crazy bunch that I woke up with my throat a little sore the next day. 
I need more of such insane therapy :)

Then, on friday.. I finally met up with Weiliang! After 2 whole years.
Haha I swear I am a super busy woman lol (maybe..)
We headed to 18 chefs again like old times and yes if you guys are wondering why i've been having 18 chefs so often, they. are. closing. down. soon :(
east point is gon' be gone for 2 years for renovation :O 
So this means no more 18 chefs, no more starbucks, no more favourite place, no more happy me :(

My cheese baked pasta with Spicy tomato, chicken sausages, seafood and minced beef.

My saturday started off with me having to head to school for make up lesson at 12pm :(
But it was good because I had lunch prepared for me and lesson wasn't toooo bad. Had to rush off to shoot after that and I was late for a shoot for the first time in my life.
Not too good. Meh.
Nothign was cooperating. My prof, the crowd outside school, my ez-link card gave me problems, crowded trains and stupid eyelashes kept falling off. PFFFTTT
Oh well, thank god that everything fell into place afterwards :)

The sun was soooo nice, i had to do a selfie ;) 

At the end of the shoot, peace. 

Went to meet M after my shoot for some good food. Idk why but everytime after a shoot, I'll want to treat myself to something good or buy myself something nice. Like rewarding myself. sigh
So that's where all my money go to. It's no wonder I am forever broke no matter how many shoots I do :(

So yes! It's sunday today guys. The last day of the week and the start to a new one.
Here's something for you guys to laugh at and perhaps try it out! (It's really not that hard)
Sorry for stuttering and talking gibberish lol I was so nervous about doing this and showing the world my face in motion again. Hahaha I hope I made it better by muting it afterwards when everything really started.
Song: Favourite Girl - The Icarus Account (one of my favs now)

Have a great week ahead lovelies,

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