Monday, February 04, 2013


I think the worst thing about falling for someone who isn't good for you is that you knew they weren't from the very beginning, but you just went for it anyway because you actually believed you could change them.
But after awhile you realize that people don't just change. They can, but maybe for a night or a few days, but in the end, they'll always have those dangerous characteristics within them that separates the two of you, that reminds you of why you shouldn't have fallen for them in the first place.
And you end up hating yourself because you knew it would happen.
You're left lying in a messy pile of consequences, wishing you could go back to when you met them and not meet them somehow.
But thats also when you realize that things could just happen and they can't be changed.
but hopefully, when you finally get yourself out, you'll have learn something good from it, and know not to make the same mistakes again.

We fall, we get up, we learn and we love again.

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