Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello lovelies! I realized its been so long since I last blogged. Everyone's already blogged about their CNY this year and I'm so long... Overdue 😩
Haha forgive me! Been so busy busy busy.
So here I am, writing on the train to school on a Saturday morning. Yes, you heard it right. SMU students go to school at 8 am on a Saturday Morning 😥

it's a pity I didn't take much pictures during the cny break because my family hardly take any photos. Haha!

Bear with me yeah?


With hannybun (younger sis)

Momma Yeoh

Cheongsam I kept from TwoTimesDreams 

Pretty new rainbow nails that started peeling the next day :'( 

My precious Ah Ma! <3

Then Beer Market at night with my precious girlies Stacey, Jan and Chan! 
Played darts again in the longest time and that concluded my ChuYi (first day of CNY)


The second day of CNY was a pretty chill-ed one for me. 
Headed out to study with Matty before dinner at my Aunt's at night!

MJ at home. Which I lost terribly, sigh :(

My Instagram caption : " My I just-lost-money-in-MJ face "

OOTD for Day 2! This picture doesnt serve my bright neon orange skirt any justice at all.
It's literally GLOWING in real life. Hahahaha like a highlighter, so pweeetz ;)
Then dinner and more blackjack at my aunt's place till night. Lost even more $$$ :'( guess I don't have gambling luck this year. 
After dinner, I sneaked out to catch a mn movie with matty #YOLO 
Ah boys to men 2! Laughed my ass off in the cinema. Hahaha but imo, the first movie was much much better. Idk why, though it was less tear-jerking compared to the second one. Just loved the way they introduced each character more! 
SO YEP! That basically concluded my second day of CNY. 


Mandatory OOTD shot for CNY outfits hehe.
Absolutely loved this outfit and how snuggly my high-waisted nude pants fit me :) Coral heels for more CNY feel!

In da car w ma siblingz

Hanny banny again :)

After visiting at my daddy's poly friend's place, I headed down to Bunc Hostel for Felicia's 21st birthday party. 
Never knew such a pretty place existed! 

Finally some catch-up time with the pretty Vendela! xo

Sports campies 

With the birthday girl! 
So that concludes my first 3 days of CNY and then it was back to school. Booooo :'( 

Wanted to blog about Sarie's farewell + Valentines' Day as well but I guessed it would be too lengthy and boring. Another day then people! Tell me if you guys would wanna read about things like that. HAHA.

For now, Happy Valentine's Day my dear readers. 
Hope you had a great one!


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  1. where did u get the high waist pants for CNY day 3?