Tuesday, August 27, 2019

(Warning, graphic images follow!)

Some call it 婴儿针 (baby skin booster) , which is an anti-ageing, skin healing and brightening treatment that uses Polynucleotide (PN), derived from Salmon DNA. Salmon DNA, on the other hand is known to be most compatible with our human skin and is found in all living things. 

The treatment involves micro-injects across the entire face, either done by hand or using a gun-like machine. The liquid is injected into the dermis layer of your skin (inner skin layer), which allows your skin to naturally heal and improve the overall physiological condition of your skin.

The main idea and concept of REJURAN HEALER is to heal, and protect the skin.

Who is it suitable for?

- People with dry and dehydrated skin (like me, this was the main reason why I went for it!!)
- Reversal of signs of aging (ie sagging, fine lines etc)
- Dull skin
- Smoother skin, smaller pores
- Damaged skin 
- Acne scars

My Experience
I've had eczema since I was born, it's a hereditary condition that I can't shake off, no matter what I try and do. Thankfully, my job allows me to get lots of information and gives me opportunities to learn about skin, my condition, and lots of knowledge on the different products and treatments out there.

Battling with eczema is an everyday struggle, and i'm happy to say that after living with it for 26 years, I now know how to take care of my skin and better manage it when a flare up happens!
Thankfully, not many can tell that I suffer from it today :) But however, that doesn't take away the fact that my skin barrier is weakened and damaged, which means whatever creams I apply topically can't effectively reach the deeper layers of the skin, and my skin barrier can't effectively contain all the moisture and nutrients within the skin - resulting in loss of moisture

I've been going to Astique The Aesthetic Clinic for more than 2 years now for monthly facials and dual-yellow laser, and my doctor had been recommending me to try REJURAN for months because he said it would be good for my dry skin & eczema problems.

To be honest, what stopped me was the down time (mine took around 4 days before I wore makeup) , and how scary pictures online portrayed it.


This was my skin condition before the treatment. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it was definitely dull and lacking the glow.
Numbing cream was applied to the entire face for 20 mins.
My treatment used 2ML of Rejuran and 1ML of Hyaluronic Acid.
Hyaluronic Acid was an add on for me because it would help with my dryness greatly. I was thinking since I could combine it with the treatment, why not?

Do note that if you were to mix Rejuran with other things, the down time might take slightly longer to recover.
For the images below... please be warned it's not for the faint-hearted!
Scroll to the end if you're not comfortable with needles 

The solution is then manually injected by hand into the skin, this process took around 10-15 mins for the entire face. I wouldn't say it's painless, but its definitely not as painful as these pictures make it look.

Pain level: 3/10

There were some areas that were more painful than others, like around the mouth, where skin is thinner.
The aftermath after the treatment.

This was taken 1H after the treatment, when I got home.
Was surprised to see the swelling went down by 60-70% after just 1H! What's left was just the needle marks, and some redness.

Day 1
Day 3
Day 7
It took me 4 Days before I could wear a bit of makeup, and by the 7th day, my skin healed fully.
I kid you not, these photos aren't edited and this was my bare skin at that time. 
My skin felt tighter, brighter, more bouncy and glowy. Pores shrunk . and overall a lot less irritated and more hydrated.

Astique clinic recommends 2-3 sessions for a start, at 3 weeks intervals, before once . every 6 months for maintenance.
For patients with bad/deep acne scars, treatment has to be done more frequently.

For the month of August, these are the prices!
1ML of Rejuran for $388 
2ML of Rejuran for $642
Package of 3 sessions (each time 2ML, total 6ML) for $1605 Nett.
Additional Hyaluronic Acid 1ML for $428

Don't forget to quote my name when you're there!

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Singapore 238868
Tel:  6732 3801

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