Timeless Truth Mask (TT Mask) Review

Monday, May 27, 2019

I masked for 3 days straight with these masks and boy.... the results were so amazing!
So today, I thought I would not only have a youtube video to show you guys (visually) the effects of masking everyday for 3 consecutive days using the Timeless Truth (TT) Mask but also document the nitty gritty details in text for you guys in a blog post review.

I'm sure we all know the benefits of using sheet masks. But as an avid sheet-mask user and someone with extremely sensitive skin (I have dry, sensitive skin with a skin condition called eczema and am acne-prone), I would say I've used and seen enough over the years to be able to tell a good sheet mask from an otherwise, average / bad one.

In short, I think I have one of the most difficult skin-types to treat and maintain.
And results will show IMMEDIATELY on my skin, whether good or bad. 

Which brings me back to the point of embarking on this skincare journey, and upping my skincare game in light of the wedding. I wanted that wedding glow and I knew that simple skin care routine wouldn't cut it. So I put these Timeless Truth masks to the test!

If you're lazy to read on, here's my review -  I LOVE IT.
Timeless Truth is an award winning sheet mask brand originating from Taiwan, and has won many different awards like the Pure Beauty Award in the UK, and CLEO Beauty Award in Singapore. Its not hard to see why.

#1 The range 

I know many sheet mask brands have a huge range that catered to different skin types. But what made TTMask stand out from their competitors is the fact that they pride themselves as a World Sheet Mask expert, that within the ranges itself is not just about the different flavours and scents of essences used, but entirely separate variants and lines that uses different sheet mask materials, essences, packaging and at different price points.

Revive series - Award-winning bio cellulose mask with concentrated serum formula for better skin absorption

Superfine Series - Made with long fibers from cotton linter. This series is specially formulated for skins that are usually sensitive to harsher sheet mask materials. 

Black! Series - Primarily Charcoal, a potent purifying ingredient that helps to remove excess sebum, control excess oil production etc.

#2 The Quality

Each and every TTMask is made with every consumer's needs in mind. As someone with an extremely dry and sensitive skin type, I really appreciate it when brands use quality materials and ingredients that actually work, instead of heavily-perfumed ones full of chemicals.

After using TTMask, I noticed that my skin's condition improved continuously and the results stayed for a much longer period of time compared to other sheet masks.

My skin did not react negatively to any of the sheet masks and that says a lot because it's often very rare that this happens! Even for the Black! Series, which would usually be too harsh for my skin (my aesthetic doctor advises against exfoliating because my skin is so sensitive) it didn't tingle my skin at all! What great news to me because I now found another gentler way to purify my skin without the harsh physical aggressors in exfoliants.

#3 Accessible

Timeless Truth Mask (TTMask) is available at Guardian, and also online at www.ttmask.com.sg which makes them so accessible and easy to purchase!

To narrow it down for all of you, i'll share my thoughts on some of my favourite TT Masks, notably the Apple Collagen mask from the Revive Series, Bright from the Superfine Series and Gold Flakes Moisture from the Black! Series.

The Revive Series has one of the thickest, heaviest and most luxurious bio-cellulose sheet I have ever come across. The quality of it is so good, you can feel it just from the packaging alone. Bio cellulose is usually used in more premium sheet masks, because of the benefits this material brings - better adherence to the skin, better absorption, more concentrated serums, overall a better experience.

Apple Collagen helps to brighten, hydrate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There's also little to almost no residue after applying the mask, which makes it suitable for daytime use. 
Makeup also sat better and looked nicer on the skin after!

The superfine series is my favourite of all - in terms of price tag, effectiveness and also for my delicate skin type.
A simple and effective sheet mask that targets specific problems, either Nourish (for damaged skin) , Aqua (for dry skin) or Bright (for dull skin). 

Used the Bright mask and instantly saw a nice glowwww on my skin after. The sheet mask was also so fine, it felt like second skin that allowed me to enjoy my day without much hinderance!

Bright has snail extract in it, that we all know is an excellent ingredient that helps with keeping skin hydrated, elastic and has anti-aging properties as well. Together with Baobab tree extract, this mask helps to brighten, radiate the skin while keeping pores small and tight.

Lastly, the Black! Gold Flakes Moisture mask. This mask is part of the Black! series that focuses primarily on Charcoal as the main ingredient which helps to purify the skin and keep excess dirt, oils, dust off your skin. This mask is also MI/Paraben Free, which shouts hooray for people with sensitive skin too!

Gold flakes variant is my favourite out of the lot, especially because Gold helps to improve your skin's metabolism (yes, skin also has metabolic rate, just like our body!), optimizes longer moisture retention, and Vitamin E - a staple for healthy skin.
My skin felt and looked so much more plump and young after using this mask just once!

Watch the youtube video:

Hope you guys found this useful!

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