Saturday, November 24, 2018

You guys have probably seen my previous post on MINON AMINO MOIST, a Japanese skincare brand that has been by my side for the past year!
Almost 1 year ago, I wrote a review on their lotion and emulsion, which you can read here.

Fast forward to today, they've just launched another new product to add to their line!
The MINON AMINO-FULL SHOWER, Ultra fine lotion-facial mist.
I love everything in the MINON line because I know it is enriched with lots of goodness for my dry and sensitive skin - it is highly effective, basic and fuss free, while giving you the assurance that it's suitable for sensitive skin and wouldn't irritate it further.

So I put the new mist to the test and I love it!
Comes in 150ml ($24.90) for home/office use, and 50ml ($10.90)for on-the-go use
I travel a lot and facial mists have been essential in my entire in-flight skincare regime. It's the first thing I start with when I board the flight and the one thing I spam every 1-2hours when I'm on the plane to keep my skin (and nose/mouth) from drying out.

The Amino-full shower however, is different from your usual water mists - its a lotion-mist!

Containing absorbent hyaluronic acids with positive ions that gets easily attached and absorbed into the skin, making it highly effective in delivering the hydration and moisture.
I like to mist my face the first thing I cleanse my skin after a shower, to replenish the moisture in my skin and get rid of that "overly-tight" feeling I often get.

 It not only helps to fill up our thirsty pores with the fine nutrients it needs, it also helps to prep the skin for better absorption of skincare products after.
This is where I go in with my lotions, emulsions, serums and so on.
Lastly, I like to give my skin a good mist one more time after applying makeup to hydrate my skin, take away that over-powdered look and give my skin a nice healthy glow!

I love how there is a 50ml variant which is so convenient to carry around and mist as you go about your day. Keep it in your office to spray whenever you see your skin start to get oily/cakey/dry and it's gonna be so so refreshing!

The MINON AMINO-FULL SHOWER LOTION MIST is retailing at Watsons, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, Welcia-BHG, BHG, Venus, Nishino, Meidiya Supermarket and Robinsons.

Price: $24.90 (150ML) , $10.90 (50ML)

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