ASUS UX490 - The most beautiful laptop ever

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fun. Poweful. Chic - this is what I would use to describe my laptop, the Asus UX490 and what I aspire to be everyday.

People ask me what keeps me going everyday. To be honest, working 16 to 18 hours daily has definitely taken its toll on me, and i do get tired at times. I'm only human too right? 
But! My love for my work is the one that keeps me motivated. 

I work hard, and I play hard on the weekends. That is super important to me as its the only time I let myself take a little breather. 
Now that work is such a huge part of my day (& life for that matter) , I NEED my daily tools and gadgets to be able to work for me, improve my productivity, relief my burdens and also be TRUSTWORTHY. Because the last thing that can happen to me is if it fails any one of the above and it'll be a huge headache for me and my team.

That is why I chose the Asus UX490 , in a way, I see lots of similarities between "us" and I love how we complement each other so well.
If you're still unsure about which baby i'm talking about, you can continue to read more, and/or head over to my past blog posts here and here to see my reviews!
The ASUS UX490 is sleek, gorgeous and most importantly, light.
I carry my laptop with me everyday, everywhere I go. I never used to realise the importance of having a laptop that is light until I switched over from my old laptop that weighed 2.1KG.
Goodness. It was a daily weights session for me lugging that around everyday :/

With this new baby, I can carry it in my bag and not be afraid that I would tear my bag straps or hurt my shoulders with it. Weighing at only 1.1KG this is soooo light, I think my makeup pouch weighs more!
The ASUS UX490 complements all of my outfits and is a perfect fashion accessory.
Nuff' said, I don't think any other laptops can complement outfits as well as this one right here.
Casual outfit
Formal outfit
Smart casual outfit

Doesn't it go so well with all?
The ASUS UX490 is powerful, with a long battery life
What's more stressful than rushing a piece of important work at a cafe without a power supply and seeing your laptop battery flashing red before your very eyes?! Nothing. I absolutely freak out whenever that happens.
Thank god for the 8H battery life that allows me to work outside home without worrying about the availability of a power supply!
The ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490 is available at all ASUS Brand stores and authorised retailers starting staring from SGD$2,198.


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  1. This laptop is beautiful lite in weigh and have so much wonderful features. I just buy one laptop of asus via lazada that is working really cool.