Lune Embroidered Maxi Dress by The Closet Lover

Friday, February 02, 2018

"Your dress is gorgeous!" - This was something I heard 3 times when I was strolling through national gallery the other day. It's so heartwarming when tourists and strangers don't hold back their compliments... it truly made my day.

Needless to say, this piece from The Closet Lover was such a stunner. 
A gorgeous statement piece that I could hardly believe was created by a local brand, with founders I can call my friends. Ahhhh I'm beaming so hard with pride!

Lune Embroidered Maxi Dress , intricate floral embroideries on a mesh overlay white pleated details. I imagine this to be perfect for a date night, or even for a day on the beach with a sunhat. I love it so much, if you guys can't already tell!

Paired it with the Ellis Heels in Gold, you cant really go wrong with this combination, can you?
I've missed sharing about fashion in this space, should I do more?


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