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Friday, December 08, 2017

It's that time of the year.... TO WORKOUT!
Because let's face it. This time of the year is when you have non-stop booze, go for parties after parties, have lots of chocolates and sweet treats because the END OF THE YEAR is here!

I dont know about you but this time of the year is when I usually feel the most sluggish and the most lazy. Like I don't want to do anything all day. 
Productivity is the lowest, my body looks the least in shape, and all I wanna do is lay in bed and listen to christmas music hahahaha.

However, if you guys have been following me on my socials lately, you'd know that I'm committing myself to a little tiny goal - twice a week of short workout. And so far, I've been at it for 3 weeks! *Pats on the back* 
And I really can't thank Vivre Active Wear enough for this because with these cute workout clothes, I get so motivated to work out! (and also partly because I know I have to have my body ready for this photoshoot LOLLLLL) 

Promo code is included at the end of the post, read on!

Outfit 1: 
This is an outfit that you'd put on after a session of Yoga or workout. I love the design of the Intend Mesh Dress because it is made of super lightweight and sweat absorbing material that allows you to cool off from a intense session, at the same time because it's a dress design, it makes you look presentable and put-together.
Just bring an overlay piece like this and put it on before you head off to town after gym & its super convenient!
Outfit #2:
The second outfit I decided to show you guys how I'd pair a 3 piece combo.
If you're the type that like to put on a sports bra and tights, you can look at having the Knockout Active Sportsbra because it has a gorgeous lace detail at the front.
Pair it with a simple yet high performance Synergy Performance Tights and you're ready!

But of course, not everyone is super confident of showing off their tummies, so on days when I'm feeling a little bit more shy or if i know that the gym is gonna be very crowded, I'll throw on a loose tank like the Interval Loose Tank to act as a shirt over. 
This is also very thin but yet made of stretchy, good quality materials that doesn't impede in my movements when working out.
Outfit #3:
On days when I don't want to think about wearing a tee shirt over, I'll pick something like the Enthral Crop Top that is both pretty, offers the support like a sports bra, and yet isn't too short that it shows off too much tummy.

I love the little peak-a-boo detail at the front and the cross-back details at the back. Oh so girly!
This beautiful piece not only comes in a ruby shade, it also comes in a fun teal color, perfect for those that are looking to spice up their workout wardrobe without going too crazy with colors and prints.

These Knee Slit Performance Tights also add a pop to your usual boring black tights because of the slit details at the knee area. It definitely adds an interesting vibe to the entire outfit I must say!

For a full list of outfits and workout gear, you can check out Vivre Active Wear's website at: with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

You can also find them at their retail stores
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