Dried Baby's Breath

Friday, September 15, 2017

I've been very into pastel hues lately, it's funny because fall is approaching and yet I'm still stuck in spring mood. Hehe. Well, you do you and nobody should dictate what you should wear in what season, yes?

Channelled a sweet girl look in an ensemble from The Closet Lover

If you guys have been following me closely on Instagram, you might find this top familiar.. hehe. This is a newer, similar version of one of the tops from TCL that I always wear ! 
I love the quality of the lace detailing, how sturdy yet not scratchy it is, and the perfect fit. 

To amp up on the girly-ness and japanese/korean girl look, I paired it with this oh-so-flowy Ferris Pleated Skirt in a gorgeous nude color. 
This skirt features a high-low hem line that makes it so special, and cuts off comfortably at the shin area. That way, you don't look too overwhelmed by a full on maxi skirt but still retains the presentable look.

Find these 2 pieces on The Closet Lover now, under New Arrivals!

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