Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's that time of the year for the legendary Pink Play Concert again! And this time I was very honoured to be invited once again by my lovely Etude House Singapore team to be in Seoul for the concert.

In today's post, I'll be covering what we did in the 3 Days we were there, and all the fun we had as Singapore Represents!

First day we touched down in the morning at 8AM, but because we could only check in at 3PM, we had to roam around while waiting for our rooms to be ready.
Of course the first stop would be Myeong Dong ! 

Myeong Dong is the shopping heaven for all tourists and locals alike, you can find 7 Etude House stores in Myeong Dong alone... so imagine how massive this place is.

I wanted this trip to be a very relaxing one, so I didn't want to lug around my heavy DSLR around. So here are the rawest snaps taken from my iPhone!

Pink Hotel by Style Nanda, Myeong Dong
If you're in Myeong Dong and have a few hours to spare and chill, you should check out the Pink Hotel by Style Nanda. Apart from shopping, you can also check out the cafe at the roof top and you'll be greeted with this super chilled sight!

The downside is that the food/drinks at the cafe are super pricey and every single person is required to purchase something before you can sit there to chill *rolls eyes*

Headed to Hongdae for dinner
This was a very random Korean BBQ place we just walked into because we were starving and it was AMAZING

We started our day touring the Etude House Flagship store in Myeong Dong.
There was also a hugeeee sale going on at that time so as usual I went mad and also stocked up on a few of my holygrail products like the Moistful Collagen Facial Spray and the Color My Brows Eyebrow Mascara which I use on a daily basis.
Then we headed back to the hotel to rest a little to prepare for the welcome party at night.
This was taken before our hotel at Grand Hyatt, the blooms were SUPER pretty in spring!
Candle Wax making session and everything was so pink and girly. A pity I don't have any artistic talent so I'm not gonna show you guys the end result HAHA
Welcome Party
Super happy to be reunited with my favorite Thai, Mossster ! The last we saw each other was on the previous trip to Korea in Feb, so so glad Etude brought us back together :)
The biggest launch this spring would be the Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk, which i've swatched and reviewed all the shades and amazing cases in this Youtube video here.
Basically you get 20 lipsticks and 20 different (and out of this world kinda cute cases)! You can mix and match the shades with the cases you like which I think is super creative and really really fun.

We ended the night by hitting the club in Gangnam and it was a super fun night!
Day 3
Thank goodness Day 3 started a little later, love it when the brand allows us to have a little fun on our own on a work trip!
My fried Moss got me a bunch of contact lenses from Thailand and this was a pair of Brown ones that I tried for the first time, super love the aesthetic effect of it!
Unfortunately contact lens dry my eyes out a lot so I can't wear them as often and for as long as I would love to.
With Joanna and Charlotte <3 p="">
Time for the highlight - PINK PLAY CONCERT 2017 
This year, Etude House showed us 9 different looks and they were all displayed in these interactive squares. If you look closely, they were all done on the same model! *gasps* I didn't know because she actually looked super different in all 9 looks.
The power of make up (Y)
Baby pink x Baby blue
The start of the show!

It was opened by my favorite make up artist, Pony and also Etude House's main make up artist, Dave Kim
It was then followed by a make up demo done by Pony for the 9 different looks and a cat walk session. It was SUCH A SIGHT, I thoroughly enjoyed it so much and learnt SOOO much just by watching her do her magic on the models 9 times in less than 3 mins each time.
THEN... ETUDE HOUSE's SWEETHEART - KRYSTLE came on stage to say a few words!
I was actually standing pretty close to her so I could see her face pretty clearly and she looks exactly the same as on television !

With that, my Sweet Life journey with Etude House for Seoul has ended. I extended another 2 more days on my own in Seoul, if you guys are interested to read more about the trip, stay tuned!


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