Betadine Feminine Wash

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A woman's intimate area is arguably one of the most sensitive, and important area of our body. Not only does it directly affect our health, but also our confidence and how we feel inside and out.
In today's day and age, such topics are a lot more acceptable when talked about as everyone becomes less narrow minded and information becoming increasingly readily available. I'm thankful that I got to attend the Betadine Event, held at Mundiphara, the makers of Betadine, two weeks ago and am given the chance to share all that i've learnt with you guys.

Did you know that most women will be inflicted with Yeast Infection at least once in their life? I didn't know it was THAT common of a problem amongst us women. When I got my first Yeast Infection years ago when I was much younger, I didn't know what was happening, neither did I know the steps to take to take proper care of it. On top of that, I was too embarrassed to share my problems with anyone... I felt so alone, grossed out and depressed.

Thank God, that episode did not last too long after I took it to the internet to read forums about other women who shared their experiences with Yeast Infection and heeded their advice.

Unknowingly, there were many things I was doing in my daily life that wasn't suitable for my vaginal health. One thing, I was using regular body washes and soaps on my intimate areas as well, because you know... it was what was the most convenient.
Little did I know that that is a BIG NO-NO because it can actually affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels of the area.

The biggest takeaway from the entire session is to use a product specific for it, especially if it is such an important area and organ that we cannot belittle. Imagine using toothpaste to wash your hair in place of shampoo, we don't do that right? Similarly, we should use products that are specially formulated to daily cleanse our intimate areas. 

Betadine Feminine Wash is an honest, natural feminine wash that is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, soap and colorants free. 

I know that there has been many talks about the harmful effects of using feminine washes out there, and while I do agree with some (especially the part about cleaning too often and removing both the GOOD and bad bacteria together), there are also other products out there in the market that I've personally tried and tested and know to be really gentle on the skin and good for the overall vaginal health.
Betadine Feminine Wash contains 3 natural ingredients : Immortelle , an antioxidant, Syricalm that soothes and reduces itching, and Deoplex, the effective and natural solution to odour neutralisation.
On top of that, there are added Prebiotics, Biolin that stimulates the growth of beneficial flora which supports the intimate area's natural pH balance.
The Betadine Feminine Wash is a very gentle and liquid-y wash that is natural, has no coloring, non fragrance and leaves me skin feeling clean, refreshed and yet still hydrated. I love how it only gives off little to almost no foam and incorporating this small step in my daily regime has helped me stay fresh, nice smelling and confident.

If you're a fan of foam textures, you can opt for the Betadine Feminine Wash Foam which comes with a special foam pump head that dispenses the product and foams it up instantly for easy use.
I thought the pump was super useful because it prevents spillage and is very convenient to use.

The different formats are totally up to you and the kind of textures you prefer!

I hope we all learnt a thing or two! And remember daily maintenance is an act of prevention, and prevention is always better than cure.


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