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Friday, March 03, 2017

As all of you know, I am an SMU graduate and I recently graduated last year with a degree in accountancy. With the school-choosing frenzy coming up, I've received a lot of emails from you guys whom i've shared with about the reason why I chose SMU as my university choice and also what i've learnt over my 4 years as an undergraduate.

One of the main reason why I love SMU is because of how vibrant the school is. The university doesn't remind me of the usual classrooms we have in Singapore, and the teaching pedagogy used in SMU is a very interactive one. Classes are conducted in seminar-style, and interactive learning is encouraged. 
We are constantly forced to think out of the box, given chances to train and hone our soft skills, and provided opportunities to be creative and the space to grow.

After almost 1 year of leaving the school, I finally returned to the SMU labs - a nostalgic place where I spent most of my final year at. I'm so impressed to see how much it has transformed!!!

To all my fellow SMU alumnis, try not to drop your jaws too much hahaha. I'm so jealous of all you students that get to enjoy all these facilities at the Lyf@SMU !
The new Lyf@SMU is a new partnership between SMU and Ascott which offers students a super cool and dynamic co-study, co-work, co-living environment that serves as a "living lab" where research takes place simultaneously. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Events square & Signature Book Shelf

This is what you'd be greeted with when you enter Lyf@SMU. A vibrant open space with pastel hued furniture, and this huge book shelf that lights up. 
You can even turn on and off the switches at the side to form the words you like!

The furniture in the events square are also mostly movable easily and are all in different shapes and sizes, configured for different uses.

The Park (social area)


At the left hand side of level 1, you'll see an incredibly long foosball table. This table had been specially customized to allow up to 20 students to participate in a game of foosball together!
If foosball isn't your style, you can hop over to the little area behind where you'll find a cube shaped table tennis table where you can de-stress. 
On top of that, you can also work out a sweat by going on the power bikes that would help power up your mobile phones as you ride (and relive stress), talk about saving the environment at the same time!

Jamming Area (frustration therapy)

If you'd like to have a more hardcore de-stress session or if you're just feeling like a song or two, head to the jamming area where you'll be surrounded by sound proof walls and some musical instruments that can even inspire you to write a song or two with your friends.

Multimedia Room
Behind these curtains you'll find a new gadgets like headphones where you can sit in silence and listen to music. There's also a VR console set where you can play games like fruit ninja and have lots of fun sweating it out!

The Arena

The arena is a place lined with super cosy seats like this row of beanbags where you can either sit there and do work quietly, or engage in a meeting with your group mates.

These beanbags were super comfy I kid you not. And aren't they in the most gorgeous shades ever!
Leaving my mark hehehehe. But this is a feedback wall where students can pen down their feedback on different things. How nice!

Level 3
This is the Social Kitchen where students can enjoy some food and drinks. How much it has changed since last year! It was just an empty white space with functional tables and chairs before. 

Now it has transformed to such a warm and inviting place ! 
You guys can see all of this and experience them for yourself at the SMU open house that is happening on the 4th and 5th March 2017.

Come on down, get to learn more about about life in SMU and chat with SMU’s professors and students!

Date: 4th & 5th March 2017
Time: 10AM till late (4th March) 
& 10AM - 6PM (5th March)


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