A Jetsetter's Dream, American Tourister

Friday, March 17, 2017

2016 has been a year of jetsetting madness and it travelling has taught me a ton of invaluable life lessons and it is one sure way to relax the mind and soul.
It's not difficult to know that I'm a huge lover of traveling. I mean, who doesn't???
This year, I've committed myself to travel and see more of the world, meet new people and explore more exciting opportunities. First, with all the confirmed trips already lined up each month!

Having the right gear when you travel is super important and personally, I think it makes up a HUGE part to whether or not it would be a good trip.
Back in 2014 when I was on my student exchange, I struggled with a bad luggage that ruined the most part of the trip. Imagine carrying 30kg worth of stuff and dragging a DEADWEIGHT box all across 25 different cities over 4 months? Well, been there, done that. It was not cute and definitely not enjoyable at all.

Since that incident, I've committed myself to look into, and invest in good and trusty traveling suitcases because the worst thing that can happen is when it fails on you overseas, with a tight schedule and a ton of heavy things to lug around. 

The great Lazada birthday SALE is coming right up on the 21st to 23rd March and there are lots of stuff to expect! Up to 90% off items, over 300+ flash deals and vouchers up to $100 to be grabbed etc. It's gonna be HUGE and I'm so excited about it because I've got a list of things I need to buy and this opportunity can't come at a better timing.

One of them is American Tourister, a world renown brand that has celebrated 84 years of uncompromising quality and exciting adventures.

This is the new American Tourister Curio 55/20 Spinner TSA.

I freaking love it omg it glides like a dream with the double wheel, has a max volume of 35L for this small sized one, a recessed TSA lock  and is in a 100% Polypropylene shell.
I love the Polypropylene shell it comes in because it is durable and lightweight – weighing only 2.5KG!
There's also a maximum volume of 140L (incl expansion) for those that are going on long trips / shopping sprees ! 
There are 4 vibrant colors to choose from, for each size (S, M, and L) (55cm/69cm/80cm)
An expander zip is also included for the Medium (69cm) and Large (80cm) sizes, just in case you go on a shopping trip and extra spaces are a necessity, this function is super handy!

I chose mine in a hot bright pink because it stands out and makes it easier for me to spot it immediately at the conveyer belts. HAHAHA

Here are the other colors you can choose from: 

    Sizes: 55cm (2.6kg/35L) / 69cm EXP (3.8kg/90L)/ 80cm EXP (4.8kg/140L)
 Price: SGD$210 / SGD$240 / SGD$270
Warranty: 3 years global warranty (covers manufacturing defects)

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page and American Tourister's website.

Overall, i think this is an amazing investment piece that can bring you to places without worries. Not only is it made of really good materials, it is backed by a trusty brand, American Tourister whom for those that don't know, is owned by Samsonite

So even if anything were to happen with your luggage elsewhere in the world, you'll be rest assured that you'll be able to find a American Tourister helpdesk/service center in that country!

Hope you guys found this useful!
Be sure to check out Lazada's birthday sale for LOTS of exciting deals!!!


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