What Valentine's Day Means to Me + Vday Gift Idea!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today i'm gonna share a little thoughtpost and bring you guys along with me as I walk down memory lane and look back on the past few Valentine's Days with Matt. 

What Valentine's Day is to me?

To be honest, I used to be that typical girl that always wished for a prince charming to appear in my life, sweep me off my feet. A bad guy that would do all sorts of cool things, but yet be willing to change and settle down for a simple yet happy life with me. 
So when I was younger, I always envisioned Valentine's day to be one where I'll be receiving lots of gifts, being treated like a princess and it would (or rather, should) be a day I would get away with any requests I had, hehehehe. 

Watched a little too many Korean dramas over here, oops! *laughs*

But in all honesty tho, as I grew older my view on this day changed.
Now, I feel that Valentine's Day is a day that gives us an excuse to show our appreciation to a special loved one. Be it your mom, your dad, your other half, or even your friends. 
Valentine's Day is not a day solely for couples that are engaged in the romantic kind of love, but love, in general. 

Valentine's day is a day about LOVE, and all kinds of love should be celebrated!

 So, how has Valentine's Day been for the Mnmcouple so far?

If you guys don't already know, Matt and I gave ourselves the name "mnmcouple" because we desperately wanted to come up with a hashtag to document our exchange travels on Instagram back then in Uni. So, I came up with the name "mnmcouple" because both our names start with the letter "M" and it was just catchy so we adopted that name for ourselves!

Matt and I have been together for almost 5 years now, and while my memory of the past Valentine's Days we've celebrated are somewhat a blur now, I remembered them to always be pleasant ones.

Of course, with this being our 5th Valentine's Day together, the surprises get lesser, dinners get more "chin-chye" and dates are more impromptu now. I mean, it's pretty understandable because that's how most relationships work, and I can't blame him when I myself put in less effort each year as well HAHA. 

This year, we celebrated our Valentine's over dinner on the 5th of Feb, a whopping 2 weeks earlier than the actual date because we wanted to avoid the skyhigh vday menu prices LOL. My friends all couldn't believe that I actually asked for that! But honestly at this stage, all I care about are the intangible things like communication, being each other's priority, and creating wonderful memories together as a couple. It's no longer about superficial and fancy dinners anymore.

Oh no, are these signs that I'm getting older? :/ Haha.

What are some of the odd and funny Valentine's Day gifts I've received from Matt?

HAHA. When I was asked this question I literally laughed because I can't believe I can actually get to share this story on my blog with you guys!

I'm a girl that is blessed with the loveliest pool of clients and sponsors and I get a ton of clothes, accessories, shoes and make up to review and try, so I don't usually need anything else anymore. Because of this, matt always finds it a struggle to get me anything fearing that I already own something similar in my collection. So most of the time, I'll tell him that if I were to come across anything I really need/want, i'll let him know. 
(evidently, I've given up on receiving gifts as surprises HAHA)

So as the years went by, he just naturally (and very conveniently) not get me anything until I told him so. 

Last year, I was shopping alone in Sephora one afternoon and I was texting him telling him about my day. I casually mentioned that I was checking out a make up sponge at the store and he just replied "oh, i'll pay you back for it tonight ok? I still owe you your Vday present for this year"

SO YES, I bought the make up sponge and got a reimbursement from him at home for Valentine's day last year. 

I don't mind, don't get me wrong guys. At least it is a very practical gift that I would definitely use! Hahha just thought it was a funny story to share with you guys... anyone here experienced the same with their boyfriends? >.< hahaha

NOW, to all you CLUELESS BOYFRIENDS/PEEPS that have no idea on what to get for Valentines...

I've got a perfect gift recommendation for you guys! 
The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ! This is a gift that would definitely and I mean DEFINITELY make the other person receiving it super happy because it is an awesome product that some of us use daily.
Even if you're buying it for a guy, you can opt for the white/grey version that looks more masculine. And a hair dryer is a unisex product that all men and women use. Matthias loves my Dyson Supersonic and have been using it as well, so it is a very good investment that goes a long long way with its superb quality!

As if I haven't raved enough about my favorite hair dryer of all time.. you can check out the reviews I did on my youtube channel, in these videos respectively.

In summary, here are few main reasons why I love the Dyson Supersonic

- It is super light, small and compact. Making it amazing for travels
- Powered by the Dyson digital V9 motor that measures the temperature 20x a second to make sure that your hair doesn't overheat and prevents damage. 
- Powerful blade-less technology that dries my hair in half the time I usually take

So guys (and girls), if you're still looking for a Valentine's Day gift, why not consider the Dyson Supersonic that is bound to make your special loved one grin from ear to ear?:>


Sending lots of love over from the Mnmcouple <3 p="">


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