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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dress: The Closet Lover

It's raining outside the windows, and here I am penning down my thoughts this mid-week with a cuppa warm green tea in my hands. Times like this I think to myself, how blessed I am.
Before I digress further, I wanted to share some of the stills I shot with my intern, M , sometime last week. When the skies were still clear and blue.

Firstly, let us all take a moment to appreciate this dress. How gorgeous is that?
Not only does it come in the prettiest of prints, it even features a gorgeous waterfall maxi skirt that falls shorter at the front and longer at the back.
Material is key for this kind of pieces because it matters when your outfit plays with lots of different sewing methods and styles. This one from The Closet Lover is superb, and TCL has not disappointed me with their designs and quality so far.

Grab yours now newly in store at The Closet Lover today before it runs out! It would've been newly launched the time you're reading this so you know what it means, fastest fingers first!

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