Double Scalp Treatment, My Scalp Journey

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The health of our scalp is crucial in the health of our hair and health. Many of us tend to neglect the scalp when it comes to day to day care, and when we start to realize the problems of it, it might be already too late.

I suffer from eczema on my scalp, an effect from the eczema patches that spread from my limbs to my face and then to my scalp.
I've dealt with this angry, dry and flaky (yet sensitive) scalp for years. And while I know that eczema is incurable, good scalp health can help to contain and maintain my condition. I'm really lucky that my trusty salon, Salon Vim, sees the same importance in both the aesthetics of my hair, but also the health of my scalp.

As I'm writing this, I would have clogged at least 6 sessions with Mama Rosie (everyone in Salon Vim lovingly calls her that because she's the oldest in age, and acts like a mama!) over these 2 months and I promise you guys... My scalp is slowly but surely, on its road to recovery again!

So here's my journey
In early december last year, I went down for a scan and as expected, lots of build ups, flakes, dead skin cells, and dryness were seen during the scan.
Every double scalp treatment & Renewal Light Treatment includes the scanning of your scalp "before" and "after" , which allows mama rosie to see exactly, the kind of treatment you need.
For me, I needed to deep cleanse the pores, get rid of the dead cells and flakes and pump in lots of moisture to hydrate my scalp.

I did the 2 treatments - Double Scalp Treatment (2 hours) , and Renewal Light(1 to 1.5hours) interchangeably every 1.5 to 2 weeks. 

After one week, I went back to Salon Vim again to look at the results and see how my scalp has held up throughout the week, and I'm shocked!
Usually with scalp treatments, my scalp would be good for a few days but I'd experience dry flakes again after a few days. But this time, the comeback of the flakes and build up was very minimal!

For those of you who are interested in the Renewal Light Therapy , here are its benefits and the steps included!
After the cleansing and serums steps, a renewal light device is run through the scalp where you will feel a teeeny bit of sensation running through. Don't worry, it's not painful at all!

It is said to eliminate dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and boost nutrient supply.
Another session's "before" and "after"
Clean and refreshed scalp!

Today, I'm still receiving scalp treatments at Salon Vim, but I now go back less frequently and I no longer experience itch and irritation like I used to. Even though I still do see dry flakes occasionally, they are pretty rare and small, so I'm still keeping at it.

Another thing I experienced with my scalp is that hair growth has also started to show, especially at my forehead and crown areas where I can visibly see baby hairs both through scalp scans, and in the mirror hehe.
That always makes me very happy!

For more information, you can give Salon Vim a call and book an appointment with my name for 15% off your first visit!
               Scalp diagnosis is also free so head on down to get your scalp scanned!
The same discount code applies for other hair services as well in all Salon Vim outlets.

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