Sunday, January 29, 2017


This app is probably on everyone's phone because it is probably one of the best free photo-editing app out there in the market. I'm sure VSCO needs no further introduction, but when I do take photos with my phone, i'll edit it using VSCO before uploading them on Instagram or on my blog.
My favourite presets are HB1 and HB2 because I prefer cool to warm tones generally.


Another photo editing tool that is superb for what it offers and it is FREE. I love snapseed for the "selective" function where I can brighten and adjust contrast as well as saturation on selected parts of the photo only. This makes it a lot easier for photos that are usually backlit, under, or over-exposed.
Snapseed also has amazing "Transform" tool where it allows you to transform your photo horizontally, or vertically.


This app was one I accidentally chanced upon while searching for Financial Tracker apps on the apple store. I'm someone that likes to know where my money goes and would like to review my spending habits at the end of each month. LiveExpenses is a simple app that allows you to key in your outflow and inflow and helps to tally your expenses each month. Of course, you gotta be super diligent at updating every amount you've spent in there else it would be pointless.
I'm still looking out for other financial planning apps out there because this isn't the best, but this post is meant to be on the 5 Apps I use the most so here it is.


Being a blogger myself, I love to stay updated with other blogs that I follow. I use Bloglovin' because it's a great app that lumps every new post from all the blogs I follow into a mobile-friendly feed.

DBS Paylah!

I'm such a singaporean, I know. Hahaha but honestly I am in love with the DBS Paylah! app and I wished more people were on it. It is basically an e-wallet where you can wire money in just a few clicks (or rather touch, if you use the finger print authentication function like me). I love the Paylah! app because it allows you to transfer money to your friends without having to key in their account numbers, which is SUCH a hassle. You can even use a friend's phone number in your contactbook to transfer, which is great.

Okay of course, my most used apps daily would be apps like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp! etc, but I didn't want to bore you guys out with the common sense ones.. so here you go!

I hope you all found this post useful. Thinking of doing a "What's in my phone" video on youtube, should I? Let me know x


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