Monday, December 19, 2016

Ho ho ho! Welcome to another Christmas Gift Guide Edition for 2016.
Today we'll be talking about Gifts Under $50. If you haven't checked out my other Christmas gift guides yet, I have done a few over the previous years (simply search "Christmas" in the search bar on the top right hand corner) and also, recently posted the Under $30 one a few days back!

These have remained as one of my staple lipsticks for the later half of the year because of how they don't dry my lips out, but yet they last for HOURS and HOURS without budging. My favorite shade is this one over here, Cool Girl, which its name suggest... is a cool tone grey. I don't really like to use it by itself, but rather use it as a base color where I layer other lipsticks over to make the signature mauve lips I always rock.

These are so luxuriously packaged and they last for hours on end. I've got a ton of perfumes and yet these are the ones I carry around in my purse because they smell so good! They make amazing, luxurious gifts but you don't have to break the bank for them, perfect!

My No-makeup makeup blush has been this blush shade from Tarte called Sensual. It is a gorgeous terracotta color that has a tinge of brown inside which makes it compliment my bronzer/contour really well. They say this blush lasts for 12 Hours, but I haven't really seen its lasting power to be that long yet. But either way it's a really good product and this shade Sensual would be perfect for any skin tone!

Okay I cheated a little because this product is $1 over the $50 mark. But it didn't use to be this expensive... hahahaha. Okay I digress, but this is a staple in many many beauty guru's vanity (incl. mine) so you guys KNOW how good this product is, considering we all try so many different products everyday. This has the perfect blend between cool and warm taupe, making it perfect as a bronzer, and also a contour.

Clinique has heard our cries!!! For Christmas this year, they came out with a Christmas special set of miniature chubby sticks for only $39. In there you get 6 iconic shades and it's really affordable considering 1 full sized chubby stick would set you back $28 already. This is an amazing set for those who have always wanted to try em' chubby sticks colors (which are really easy to use) but don't wish to purchase so many full-sized ones. Split them up and you get 6 different gifts too!

Hope you guys found this useful, one last post on gifts above $50 coming right up!


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