Taobao Haul + Singles Day Ft. Ezbuy

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It was my first time shopping on Taobao and it really opened my eyes to how much e-commerce has taken over the world. It literally has everything!!! You can even buy a toilet bowl from China and have it shipped over to you in a few days LOL.

Anyway in this post i'll share with you guys the loots I haul-ed since my recent purchase from Taobao that I made through ezbuy. I even wore the items out on a few occasions so I decided to shoot some of them for you!

To be very honest, I was super impressed with how easy it was to buy through ezbuy. For those that don't know, Ezbuy was previously called 65Daigou, which in mandarin "Daigou" means "help-to-purchase" so it's basically a service that helps to link up Singaporeans with the sellers and buyers from overseas! And in this case, it helps to link us up with sellers from Taobao and helps us purchase, and receive the items from china on our behalf, before it gets sent to our home.

It's super easy to use, and if you're a first-timer like me that don't really know where to start, you can check out the Ezbuy's Feature Collection page, where items and sellers have been specially picked out by Ezbuy to make your life easier. 
This was the service i used because I couldn't be bothered to search for the cheapest cheapest, read reviews etc. I actually trust Ezbuy more than myself since they are definitely more experienced than I am LOL.

I bought this skirt fearing for the worst. I crossed my fingers as I opened the package because we all know how materials and colors like this can look SO deceiving in pictures. But I'm soooo glad it turned out exactly like the photos! And in fact, the material was really good. 
Pleats were so structured, flowy and not thin at all. Can't believe it's less than $17 bucks hehe.

If you'd like to see the full haul and the list of things I bought with their direct links, you can refer to the youtube video I made on this haul!

Singles day is coming TOMORROW ! So expect lots and lots of sales, savings and amazing deals on 11.11 and I personally have already consolidated a list of things I wanna buy tomorrow.
So if you've always wanted to try to shop on Taobao but haven't gotten down to it yet, you should take this opportunity to shop because chances are, prices to the things you've always wanted to get will be marked down.

Ezbuy also has this amazing section, called the Ezbuy Prime $2.99 where you can pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.90 and you can ship your goods in large quantities for a flat rate of $2.99!
There's also no limit to the weight, size and quantity, so if you're a new flat owner and want to ship things like furniture and bulky items, or if you're an online store owner and you wanna ship supplies from Taobao, this service makes it so much more affordable.

I bought my 5-storey cabinet under this prime service! Paid $2.99 for a 14KG parcel, woohoo.

So with singles day, you can expect 3 amazing deals only for the 11th of Nov!

  1. Free Agent Fee + Free 1KG shipping and 20% Shipping discount for every next 500   
  2.  Free Prime Wishlist where you can add anything from Taobao into ezbuy Prime and enjoy $2.99
  3.  Grab up to $300+ free cash off vouchers and shop with us to enjoy greater savings

Get $10 Off with my code ➡  
( no minimum spending, no strings attached :)

Here are the exact links to the products mentioned:
➣ Circle Drop Earrings
➣ Metallic Pleat Skirt
➣ Plastic 5-storey Cabinet
➣ Hollow Square Rings
➣ Metallic Heeled Mules
➣ Acrylic Make Up Storage Holder
➣ Vintage Rose Quartz Shades
➣ Floral Lace Crop Top

Happy shopping!


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