Fashion meets Tech - The New Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hello folks, today's post allows me to finally unveil something we have been working on for quite some time now - The Michael Kors Access Smartwatch - If you're a fashion junkie and have been keeping up with the latest news, you will know that this Smartwatch has taken the world by storm. Especially since it is the Fashion Week craze now!

Marry fashion with tech and you'll get a super stylish, fashionable and high tech watch that connects you to the world with just one glance. Combinations are endless with this touch screen display smartwatch that allows you to customize its face and function to suit your own needs.

There are currently 2 gorgeous designs - Bradshaw (the one I'm wearing), as well as Dylan Smartwatches. I've always been a huge fan of Michael Kors' classic watches, so this is awesome for me because not only can I have the classic chronograph design, I can customize the face of the watch as and when I like. 

Here's why you should own one for yourself.

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One of my biggest fear when it comes to travelling is to juggle with the different time zones, worst still, get it wrong. During my recent trip to London, I wore a watch that displayed Singapore Time on one hand, and had my phone set to the London time on the other.. That was because I was working from London and had to co-ordinate with my friends and clients who were in Singapore, and it was a huge nightmare because I had to juggle with so many different places to be able to get my mind straight on the right timing!

The Michael Kors Access will save all this headache for you with an in-built function that automatically updates the time and date of the timezone you are in. You can even input a few different timezones all in one - so in the example below, London is 7 Hours behind, LA is 15 Hours behind, and Tokyo is 1 Hour ahead. 
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I would imagine this function to be exceptionally useful for those who deal with many different timezones and you've got it all on your wrist with just one glance!

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Sports junkies will be happy to find out that this Smartwatch, powered by Android Wear™App, 
actually has a built-in fitness tracking mode with Google Fit.
 You can even set a daily step goal to serve as a self-reminder to be active and get moving!
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For a sportier look, I switched up the watch face into the Digital Watch mode, and it looked like a totally different piece altogether.
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the clifford pier, fullerton bay, singapore, fashion, blog, fall 2016, michael kors, access
Not only is it a functional piece, it is also a gorgeous jewelry that have caught the eyes of many since I started wearing it about 2 weeks back. The sleek, gold body that is easily recognizable definitely goes well with outfits of any color and on any skin tone. 

The Customizable Watch Faces is the greatest selling point for me - not only because it allows me to toggle between the different functional modes, it also stretches the limit by allowing me to fully personalize my watch face in nearly unlimited options by choosing dials, sub-eye options, and colors. 
See how I matched my dress to the face and design of my watch face!
On days when I'm wearing forest, I have the option to change the face according to what I think fits my outfit best. If you ever get bored of the look of the watch (which I doubt you will) , interchangeable straps are sold separately at Michael Kors counters. 
Which means.. options are really limitless with this!
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The Michael Kors Access also allows you to view notifications from your phone (calls, texts, 3rd party app updates) directly on your watch screen, so even when you're driving, running or if you've got your phone stuck in your back pocket this is exceptionally handy. 
You can even set vibration alerts to notify you when you've got a new comment on Instagram, or even speak to the watch to find out where the nearest mall is via the Voice Activated Google Search
The Michael Kors Access is also compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Android users can rejoice even more because this smartwatch is powered by Android Wear™ App - so you guys can even answer calls directly! This is something really handy for drivers that are required to go hands-free. 

Now, we have a clear winner. 

The Michael Kors Access Smartwatch is retailing at SGD 599 in stores.
Find out more at the official site here.


This post is brought to you by Michael Kors. 

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  1. I am saving up for the watch and those lovely pics of yours makes me want it more