I finally visited Korea after 13 years !

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The last time I visited Korea was when I was 10, and you guys know how much I love all things Korean right! From the food to the beauty products, trends, skincare, and even pretty Korean people HAHA. I was so stoked to be able to go to kimchiland after 13 years!
Despite it being a work trip, going over with a brand that I personally LOVE - ETUDE HOUSE certainly didn't feel like work at all. It was a 3 days trip, which I extended one day on my own. So here's what went down during the trip.
I think one of the biggest highlights of the trip was the ETUDE global media cruise dinner. Despite it raining all day (and being such a downer really) , the Etude crew were all super professional and unfazed. They prepared pink umbrellas for all of us, as we boarded a Super huge cruise ship for the media dinner.

Anyone finds this cruise ship familiar?

Yes this is the exact one that was shown in the hit movie "My Love From The Star" featuring mega heartthrob, Jun Ji Hyun.
 omooooooo I caught that series last month and it got me so excited because the cruise scene (iconic one where Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon shared their first kiss) 

It looks exactly the same in the show and irl! Huge and grand, all lined with fairy lights. On board, we were greeted with an insane buffet spread that was damn hardcore and the dinner ended with the ETUDE HOUSE Global team addressing us with a speech and a series of lucky draw giveaways. I didn't win any, as usual HAHA

The second morning, I went out to Myeongdong early before the assembly time with Amelia and we got to shop quite a bit at ETUDE HOUSE's main store in myeongdong. Spent a cray amount there (as you can see from my Korean haul on YouTube) but Etude house in Korea is really affordable so just buy!!
Love their 7-11 because they have triangle kimbaps that are super yummy and cheap. If you are looking for a easy breakfast to have while shopping, give their kimbaps a try! Only 1,000KRW so it's really cheap!
Amelia was really nice to bring me around knowing that it was my first time (kinda) in Korea. We walked past O'sulloc in Myeongdong and she recommended the matcha in there! To be fair, she recommended their matcha swiss roll but I was too full (and also stubborn LOL) to try it, so I went against her recommendations and got myself a cuppa of iced matcha latte instead.
bad choice guys, if you really want some latte, opt for the hot version and stay away from the iced one unless you want milk + water that was absolutely tasteless and a waste of my SGD$6.
They sell other matcha goods as well, and look! Do you spot the famous matcha spread?
O'Sulloc Tea House, Myeong Dong Branch
47-1 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea

While walking back to our hotel, we chanced upon this really pretty cafe, Tulip Coffee on the way and decided to grab a cupp of coffee before scrambling back to the assembly point. 
Coffee there was great and the place is so picturesque, I would recommend going there just for some ootds! 
  • Tulip Coffee
  • 199-44, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Then we set off to DongDaeMun Plaza, for the Global Media Workshop. A make up class featuring Etude house's newest products and latest trends taught by ETUDE House's famous celebrity make up artist.
It was such an eye opening lesson because I've never seen a Korean make up artist work his magic before my very eyes before. And I can't wait to share the latest releases Etude House is going to introduce in stores soon! The Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Cushion lipsticks are my favourite so far, go check out shade 109 because I love how Etude has finally made a brown shade that is flattering on Asian skin tones.
We then went to explore the #PinkPlay concert, a huge concert featuring lots of fun and interactive booth, with prizes to be won and amazing performers on stage.

One of the bands actually sang my favourite song from my favourite Korean drama "The Heirs" on stage and they sounded even better than the originals. What a pleasant evening made, thank you Etude House!

With that, we headed back to Myeong Dong for more shopping and back to the hotel to rest a little since we had a really long day. I love media trips like that because it's planned in a way that is chill and relaxing, with lots of time in between meetings and appointments so that we are allowed enough rest. So a big big thank you, to my Etude house fam and also the bloggers, miyake, Yutaki , Jamie and Hayley that made the trip so enjoyable :)

Fast forward to day 3, everyone went their separate ways and it was my time to explore Seoul by myself!
I headed to Hongdae to check out the shopping streets and boy, it was CROWDED. But if you're looking for good and cheap clothes, Hongdae is the place to go!
I only managed to snag 2 caps and 2 rings there because I did a good job restricting myself with the clothes since I have way too much at home to be able to accommodate anymore.

Was tired, but walked into a random cafe and chilled there with a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake. Yumz.
After the refuel, I explored Hongdae for another hour and I chanced upon this store called Road Steak that had so many people queuing for it. The Singaporean in me told me it would be a crime to walk past it without queuing AND SO I DID.

Bought myself a 160gm ribeye steak and 20 mins later, I finally got it in my hands.

It wasn't exactly the best steak I've had, but for $6,900 KRW, it was so so worth it. A serving comes with fries, veg and tomatoes. You can top up for a huge drink or a huge beer and they are served in a really interesting way as seen:
road steak, myeongdong, korea
Credits google
The beef for juicy, tender and cut into bit sized pieces for people to walk and eat at the same time. Yippeeee
I didn't take many photos that day because I was by myself and it actually felt really really good being off social media and work for a bit.
The next morning, the skies weren't cooperating again so I had quite a late and slow start to my day. Ended up chilling in a cafe near the hotel I was at for a good 2.5 hours just people watching and enjoying my Bulgogi Panini.

With that, I concluded my Korea trip and first ever solo trip (kinda) ! Took the airport express bus and it was the best service ever. 15,000 KRW and you get like super comfy seats and people that would help you get to the airport. 

A big thank you to ETUDE House for bringing me on this trip and for spoiling me nuts 
X to more trips to come! 

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