Timeless Elegance - Korean Bridal Runway Show by The Louvre Bridal

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I can stare at brides in their bridal gowns all day, anyone feel me?
When I was little, I’ve always dreamt about the day I get to wear one, my perfect gown that I’ve always dreamed of, down the aisle into the arms of my prince charming. Well, it’s kinda like that still but I guess I’ve awoken from that dream and know that Prince Charming(s) only exist in good dreams and fairytales.
But hey, that doesn’t mean we girls get to be treated less than a princess on our wedding day, right?
They say a woman looks her best on her big day, and I cannot agree more. I believe a huge part of how good a bride looks is attributed to her wedding dress! Choosing the right dress to suit your wedding, skin tone and one that helps accentuate your curves at the right places is the key to looking the best you can on your big day. Now for all you Korean lovers out there * raise hands  * , you guys are in for a treat!

The Louvre Bridal is the first boutique in Singapore that offers Korean bridal gowns and grooms’ suits. You can be sure to look top to toe Korean with the talented team behind The Louvre Bridal.
 I previewed the latest collection last week at their runway show, Timeless Elegance that was held at W Sentosa. The entire set up definitely transformed the space into one that was so comfortable and romantic. If you guys went down last week you’d know what I mean, but if you didn’t, don’t worry because I snapped lots of photos that day!
What I love and noticed about the pieces featured in Timeless Elegance Episode 3, Korean Designer Bridal Runway Show were the unique lace used. Korean designer gowns are usually embroidered with unique and delicate lace fabric to give off a soft romantic touch. Also, I love how the fabrics used were all really light looking, giving off an airy-fairy like feel.
Korean gowns also typically have cuts and designs that shows off the brides silhouettes, and are especially flattering to the Asian body types. I personally love how The Louvre Bridal carries a huge range of gowns in so many different cuts and sizes, even for girls with petite frames like myself!
You’d find lots of mermaid and trumpet styled gowns, that definitely helps give us asian girls a huge lift in the butt area hehe.
Oh yes, another thing I realised is that they often have colored gowns in specially picked colors that would flatter our Asian skin tones. You know how certain kinds of green, red and even blue just look so awful when matched against our yellow skin? Yep, The Louvre Bridal has got you covered.
What is a Korean wedding without a “korean groom” right? Hahaha for a complete wedding, The Louvre Bridal also carry a wide selection of suits for your groom. Korean grooms enjoy dressing up in cute prints that are both boyish yet stylish. The suits we previewed at the runway show was not only unconventional, it was also really and surprisingly very flattering on the asian models! Matt couldn’t stop saying how much he loves the suits and how this is how he wants to look like on his wedding day, good and yet different from the others. For a different look to complement your K-bride, you can opt for these checkered ones in the most flattering shade of brown. For those that still prefer to stick to the basic suits, this navy blue one is really boyish and would definitely be able to match the bride’s gown seamlessly.

View the bridal couture runway video here:

In the interview I did after the fashion show, one of the questions was my take on Korean beauty. Every model on stage looked stunning (like really really stunning) and I thought that the makeup artist did such an amazing job at bringing the Korean make up look across.
To bring out the natural look of the bride, brightening lip shades are picked over colors that are bold or neon. Korean brides usually wouldn’t be seen without their natural glow on their faces, so moisturizing products are often used to create a healthy glow look. Overall, the Korean makeup look is really soft, romantic and natural looking. So if there’s a tip I have to give, it would be to really invest in your skincare months before your wedding day! Good skin creates a good canvas for the makeup artist to work their magic.

To find out more about this year's Korean makeup trends, you can also read up on their previous blog post on their Korean makeup workshop.

It was a great afternooon spent with The Louvre Bridal, you can check out more of their pieces and packages over on their website and don’t forget to head down to their featured boutique to try on the pieces for yourself to get a feel of  it.

The Louvre Bridal
(by appointment only)
69 Kim Yam Road
Singapore 239268

Make Up and Hairstyling by Eesha Ke & Team
Flowers by Petite Fleur 
Videography by Coffee Tang from Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee

I know I always say this, but I can’t wait for my time to come J However this is not an announcement post la hahahah don’t get too excited yet, give us another few more years okie?:)

Love, Mong

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  1. When I was reading your post, I was like omg I'm super excited to see Mong bc you'd probably look like an angel (I mean like you're already an angel but you know what I mean) BUT no one is rushing you gurl! I love your blog so much so please keep being you!!!