Melbourne Travelogue Part 2: Lorne, Great Ocean Road Trip

Monday, June 20, 2016

Read Melbourne Travelogue Part 1 here.
If you're interested to find out what/where we went in melb city, do check out the first part of the post!

Day 3
 We spent the morning shooting around a garden in the city again, and the third theme of our graduation shoot was a full out glam one. We wore these dresses from Style Lease, and decided to bare it all in the cold winds to shoot. It's nothing we have done together as a group and my friends haven't experienced being photographed like that before so it was a whole new experience! 
We were shivering so badly at some points but Andy was so nice to lend us his jacket, sweater gloves.. Everything LOL. Poor guy. But he remained professional throughout and insisted he wasn't cold hahaha ( what a fine young man, any takers? HAHA I kid )
I'll wait for the official photos (edited by andy himself) before sharing more!

Lunch was at Top Paddock, which was another famous brunch place recommended by many friends. If you followed me on Instagram you would have seen the commotion on one of the photos I posted of their Ricotta Pancakes. To be fair, I have and did give due credit to the restaurant for being a good brunch place and even recommended the pork belly dish. I still stand by my point about the importance of giving true and honest reviews about the food and the ricotta pancakes were not not-good, I merely said that I personally preferred the ones we have back at home better because they were less moist. 

Seems like some people couldn't take the feedback and took offense to that, so.. I'm not gonna comment any further and let you guys be the judge for yourselves haha. 
It's my personal platform and I don't see why anyone should be refrained from giving honest feedback (which really, is one way restaurants and people improve, no?) especially on my personal platform, and the funny part was that I actually said that I would recommend Top Paddock as a good brunch place.. Why are they still angry? We wonder. Hmm.

Moving on.

A visit to Melbourne city wouldn't be complete without Pidapipo , a gelateria located in town. I personally love the pistachio the most and loved how smooth and fine it was. If only it didn't melt so quickly! 
The rest of the day was spent driving to Lorne, it was a little late when we arrived at the town so we decided to make some simple spaghetti at our gorgeous Airbnb for the night. 

The next morning was spent chilling around Lorne. We visited Moons Licensed Espresso Bar for breakfast and I loved their croissants and breakfast there. My friend ordered the Brat and I thought it was perfect! Coffee was awesome as well :)

Wearing Textured Overlay Top from Shoplovet, available in a few other colors even though white is OOS now!

We then sat along the Lorne beach and chances upon a local brand called Ghanda and spent hours shopping in there haha. To be honest there's nothing much in Lorne to do except to check out cafes and chill, so that's what we did! Time passed so fast because we spent most of our time in the apartment doing silly things like playing bean boozeld and recording ourselves singing haha. 

The next morning, we visited Teddy's Lookout, a 10 mins drive from Lorne city. The lookout was to this one view, which was breathtaking and we caught a rainbow too because it had been raining all day.
We then headed to The Bottle Of Milk, a must try if you're into burgers because they are cheap and good.
I got the breakfast burger - cold shower. And LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG. Everything was so hearty, fresh and yummy. Eggs, bacon, hash brown, avocado, cheese, ketchup etc, all for only $15 for a portion I could barely finish! Cappuccino was also awesome (Y) yay.

I then changed into something more casual, pairing Crochet Textured Top (white) with my favorite High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans  

I love this outfit! It's so girly, simple to wear and yet really comfy. The denim jeans are the most flattering ones I've worn, and my friends on the trip with me all got themselves a pair immediately after they tried it on. A pity it is out of stock now as well, you guys really need to hurry next time!!!
But if you guys are really interested, you can drop Shoplovet an email to petition for a backorder HAHA.

We then set off to Port Cambell, our next destination on our GOR road trip. Along the way we stopped by the 12 apostles to take some photos.
The winds were SO STRONG there so please layer up before going! And brace yourself for ugly, pushing, rude tourists omgggggf they got me so mad. Everyone were vying for good photo spots and I don't understand why they can't take turns or even queue. If you watched my snaps you would see me ranting HAHA. But you would too if you were there because can you imagine someone literally PUSHING you out of your own photo??! Blood boil... Chill chill. Hahaha
We were so pissed we decided to head to the Grotto (10 mins away) before heading back to the 12 apostles again after the tour groups left. 
The 12 apostles are indeed breathtaking !!! A pity the photos didn't do the place and sight justice again so you guys need to head there!
The Grotto was also a very interesting spot. A lot less crowded than 12 apostles which is literally heaven LOL. But the place is pretty small and I would say you'd only need around 20 mins for the place if you're taking photos. It overlooks out into the see through a little cave and it was so beautiful! 
Here, I was wearing Drop Those Off Shoulder from Lovet, paired with a simple pair of white jeans and white sneakers. Going comfy seemed to be my go to everytime I travel because it's too troublesome to be climbing up and down, doing all the walking in anything uncomfortable.
I love this top for adding a little more "dressy" feel to my otherwise, casual outfit.
The sun was setting so we hurried back to the 12 apostles and the crowd finally cleared up. Phew. 
Photos graphs were much nicer since there were Sun rays shining from behind the rocks and less annoying tourists around. But! It was a lot colder so please layer layer layer! Don't suffer like I did hah.

For dinner we checked out a pizza place near our Airbnb at port Campbell. The town looked like it came straight out of a movie scene set in the 1990s. Super old school!!! 
But things there are not cheap at all. Be prepared to pay around $30 AUD per meal because the town services tourists mostly.

With that, we ended days 3 & 4, stay tuned to Day 5 where we hiked up The Pinnacle and conquered Grampians!

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  1. I went to try the kettle black (sister cafe of top paddock) instead.
    I had the hot cake and it was pretty good!
    The environment looks much better than top paddock :)