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Friday, April 01, 2016

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Hello everyone! Today's post is a really exciting one because it incorporates 2 of my favourite things... PIZZA and KOREAN !

Remember this photo I posted on my Instagram earlier?
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You hardly get to see me being all cute-sy but all the korean girls are so pretty and cute I just had to.
Cute and sweet, just like their new Seoul Sensation Menu!
I'm nowhere near how cute these Pizza Hut's Koreans look, but I tried! Hahaha look at the ribbons 

If you guys follow me, especially on snapchat, you will know that my family, matt and > <
I always have Pizza for our meals. It's one of the things I don't think i can ever get sick of, considering the endless of combinations and flavours one can come up with. 

Now, where's the Korean part you must be wondering... It's none other than the special, and super yummy Korean seasoning and sauces! 
If you've been an ardent fan of the latest Korean wave of KPOP, Korean Chicken, Korean Food, everything KOREAN then you will love the new Pizza Hut Seoul Sensation Menu.
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The Seoul Sensation Menu has new creations such as Seoul Sensation Pizza, Spicy Chikin Pasta, Yuja Chamkkae Wings, and Mango Pudding with Ice Cream (not pictured)

First up, the star of the show and also my personal favourite of the lot, the Seoul Sensation Pizza ($18.20 for regular, $24.50 large) 

Cheese lovers like myself can top up $5.90 for Pizza Hut's famous Stuffed Crust, you guys have to do it, it's so yummy! You will get a super cheesy, fragrant and hearty meal. I loveeeee Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizzas because they are not too over-powering and I love the texture of the cheeses inside. Chewy, stringy with a light & fluffy cheese flavour.

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pizza hut stuffed crust, pizza, singapore
We had both the Stuffed Crust and Hand Stretched Thin Pizza, and both were SO GOOD.
This pizza was inspired by the rich flavours of Korea, with their famous spicy marinated chicken chunks, mushrooms, capsicums, onions and juicy pineapples topped with roasted seaweed and sesame seeds. Topped with just the right amount of Yang Nyum sauce, the sauce you find in Korean Fried Chicken, that is both sweet and mildly spicy. 

I love Pizza Hut for their generous toppings on their pizzas, and this was no exception.
Chicken chunks were cooked to perfection - they were tender, soft but retained their bounce. 
The roasted sesame and seaweed added some smoky, fragrant flavours to the entire dish. 

Then, we had the Spicy Chikin Pasta, $11.90
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Anyone else diggin' the "chikin"  in this dish? Kuddos to the team for picking that trait out of the cute koreans, I've always found that way of pronouncing "chicken" super cute!
Try repeating it and you'll be hooked hahaha

The Spicy Chikin Pasta is not thaaaat spicy, so if you don't take chilli well, don't be put off by the name of it.
It's more of a sweet, tangy kind of spicy, and I would rate the level 1/10 on the spicy meter :)
This pasta was also cooked in Yang Nyum sauce, and incorporates those super juicy and yummy chicken chunks and mushrooms in there. If you're not looking to have Pizza, then try this! 

Another one of my favourites on the menu, Yuja Chamkkae Wings
$7.50 for 6 pieces, $9.90 for 10 pieces
yuja chicken, yujucha, chamkkae, korean fried chicken, pizza hut, review
I grew up having (and loving) Pizza Hut's wings and I'm so glad this flavour came :) 
If you've tried the wings from Pizza Hut before, you will know that they are all baked and marinated with their savoury marinates. Each of them are juicy and flavourful and you'll not be able to resist having a second serving.

"Yuja" is the short form of "Yujacha", commonly known as Yuzu in Singapore, whereas "Chamkkae" represents the oriental flavour that these mid-joints are coated with.
We wiped this out in just a few minutes! 
And very surprisingly , the Yuja taste is pretty mild in the dish. It just melts into a really fragrant, sweet and tantalizing flavour that you wouldn't get sick of.
I'll recommend getting this as a side to share simply because you shouldn't give this a miss :)
So here it is, the meal that made us hobbling home because we were so full and so well-fed.
Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining one bit because who doesn't love good food eh?
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So hurry go down to eat it before it's too late! It is available from now till 26th April only!

Head over to to find out more information on the new menu. They are also having a contest on their FB page so head over because there are vouchers to be won! 

I hope you guys win it!!!! 
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As we all know, Pizza Hut has a wide range of tasty selections on their menu, so if you're not a fan of pizzas alone, there are lots of other mains available too! Simply find out more by clicking here for their extensive menu and updates.
 Delivery of your favourite Pizza Hut dishes is also available, of course. Find out more here

For more information about the new menu, check out Pizza Hut here!


This post is brought to you by Pizza Hut Singapore.

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