New hair : Balayage by Salon Vim

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You guys have probably seen my new hair because I couldn't contain my excitement (again) on Instagram. But yay i've finally decided to take the leap of faith to do a little more bleaching this time!
I've always been afraid to put too much bleach into my hair because it's already so brittle and damaged from all the styling and all. But when I saw a photo of a similar hair style on pinterest, I knew I had to.
I spoke to my stylist, Jay from Salon Vim Bugis about it and he said that it is possible to achieve the style I wanted and he told me not to worry because I didn't have to bleach my whole head to get the texture and style I wanted.

So here's what I left with, ultra soft, smooth hair in the most gorgeous shade. I love it to bits!
However though, you can't ask me what color it is because it had been planned out and specially mixed by my hairstylist to create this gorgeous balayage hairjob.
It looks a little grey, green, ash, brown and sometimes even violet in different lighting, and that's how I love it. That's how Jay exceeds my expectations every single time.
I also did a Nano Mist Collagen Hair Treatment to strengthen my hair and of course, repair it because beauty comes at a cost. But there's nothing hair treatments at Salon Vim cant fix - they are so effective and super pampering :)

Also did a scalp ritual for my super angry scalp which helps a lot with the amount of buildup and dryness everytime I visit the salon for it. The amount of dry shampoo and the stress + skin condition I have certainly doesnt help.., hahah. But one thing for sure, the health of my scalp has improved heaps and bounds since I started scalp treatments with Salon Vim. So looking forward to the day I don't have to depend on the treatments anymore for healthy, flake-less scalp.

You know what to do, quote my name at the counter for 15% off!

Also, look for Jay if you want my hair color because only he knows what he mixed in it. Its a secret he says, LOL

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