How I Pair Gold & Silver Accessories

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hey guys! Today, we're talking all about accessories. 
You guys know how much I love my basics, and like i've shared a gazillion times, the reason why I love my basics is because they are more timeless, and i can create new looks with just the use of different accessories.

So you can imagine, how important accessories are to me!
Elitrend is a brand I literally grew up with, back in the days when only retail shops existed, I depended a lot on Elitrend for my accessories and would definitely walk into the shop whenever I passed by it at Parkway parade and Tampines Mall.
Do you guys remember this brand? I never thought I would be able to work with a brand that was so close to my heart today, and that makes me even more proud to be collaborating with them on this post.

As usual, I picked 4 different items to feature, 2 golds and 2 silvers. I wanted to show you guys how i would pair them using the same outfit, so here it is!
The general trend I always follow is to be consistent with the colours. If you're wearing a gold bangle, go with a gold necklace. That way, it will never be wrong!
But of course, you don't necessarily have to stick to this rule for everything , I didn't make sure to match tiny details like my earrings in this outfit either and it all worked out well.

Featured in this are: Minimalist Knot Bangle ($12.90) and Triangle V Marble Necklace in Gold ($12.90), both accessories come in silver as well.

Now let's talk about silver.
I paired this dainty Double Heart Necklace  ($9.90) on my white top, and a pair of simple Hexagon Cut Out Earrings ($9.90) for a clean, minimalist look.
I feel that this combination can look good in almost everything, and anything sparkly makes the world go round right? hahaha 
I'm amazed by the variety, quality and price of all these accessories! You can get almost anything under $20 at their site, so check it out when you can.

Hope you guys like this post. Have a good week ahead ya'll.

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