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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Online shopping has been a huge part of my everyday life the past few years and I'm sure it has become an essential tool for all of you guys as well. With the rise of e-commerce and social media, the internet has brought us with many more ways to enhance our shopping experiences and the first thing that comes to my mind is CONVENIENCE.

Yes, convenience! I no longer have to be there physically to purchase the things I want, cashless payments for safer and quicker transactions and on top of that, having them all delivered to your doorsteps!
But apart from all these benefits that are already known to us, how else can, as consumers, benefit from shopping online?

That's where Plus! comes to fill in the gap and make it even better for us!
Singaporean folks who followed our parents/grandparents to grocery shop before would be familiar with LinkPoints. Afterall, Plus! is the largest and most successful loyalty programme in Singapore with over 1.7 million members (!!!) and over 1000 participating outlets, both on and offline.
Since September last year, Plus! have re-branded itself and added 2 new shopping platforms- Plus! Gateway  and Plus! Marketplace where members can further shop on to add onto their LinkPoints, creating more value for all of us!

I had such an enjoyable time shopping on Plus! Gateway and here's why I think it's such a good platform that deserves to be shared.

There are 200 over global merchants you can find on Plus! Gateway, ranging from Sephora to Lazada, to Macy's, ASOS, Expedia, Jo Malone, NARS and more. So if you're a frequent shopper at these brands, you'll definitely want to find out how shopping with them VIA the Plus! Gateway platform can stretch your dollars spent and get the most out of it.

So here's how it works:
Firstly, you need to create an online account with Plus! at if you have an existing card, or apply online for one if you dont. This took me less than 5 minutes only!

Then, go over to the Categories Tab to view the list of merchants NTUC have partnered with. Click here for the full list of merchants available on Plus! Gateway.
Definitely drawn to Sephora first, duh. 
So, click on Sephora.
You may choose to favorite the brand for easier future viewing, which I did because I'm hopeless HAHA
Before anything, do make sure to read the "Purchase Conditions" at the bottom of the page.
Once you click onto "Shop Now" you will get redirected to Sephora's official website immediately. Then shop as per normal! There isn't anything too troublesome about this entire process honestly, haha!
Now you guys can see what I purchased, I was super excited to be able to purchase all of these products via the Plus! Gateway platform because I would spend the same amount anyway if I were to buy it from Sephora's site/retail outlet directly. 
But being an Online Plus! member meant that I get to have $1 = 1 LinkPoint members-only benefit. 
As you can see, I earned 90 LinkPoints from this purchase!
Do make sure to enable cookies in your browser for LinkPoints to be credited.

Shortly after I checkout and paid for the order, I received a confirmation email from Plus! Gateway updating me on the pending LinkPoints I would be receiving.
YAY! So I know... You guys must be wondering..

What will I be able to do with these LinkPoints?
1. Rebates at participating retail stores and brands
2. Redeem travel and dining vouchers online, or;
3. Offset your purchases on Plus! Marketplace

With so many participating retail stores and brands under the Plus! umbrella, you can shop at Sephora for one day and have rebates not only on your grocery shopping at Fairprice supermarkets but other participating retailing stores too. 
These LinkPoints are actually pretty useful and widely accepted. 

So since you're paying the same prices as you would on the merchant's own site, why not enhance it with more LinkPoints collected? We're talking about maximising utility and stretching every dollar we spend, so that's a tip for you guys!

I received my Sephora parcel the next day in the mail and yippeeee, new make up to play with!
It is truly the best feeling in the world when you go home and see a parcel you've ordered waiting for you to be unwrapped. Hehe
So in love with Plus! Gateway because it is not only really easy to use, it also provides consumers like myself with more ways to enhance the value of shopping, as well as the entire shopping experience.

Why not right? We've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, haha!
You can sign up and find out more about Plus! Gateway here and speaking from experience, you'll probably not be able to contain your excitement once you see the list of brands under the list because you'll surely find something there!

You can now be one of the top 5 spenders of Plus! Gateway and win over $3000 worth of prizes on top of your LinkPoints!
Stand a chance to win an Ipad Pro, UE Boom Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Nescafe Coffee Machine and more.
Contest period: 1 March to 17 April 2016
All you have to do is shop as per detailed above to win!


This post is brought to you by Plus! Gateway

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