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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This post is super overdue and I'm really really sorry for not reviewing Cha Am earlier before a lot of you guys went ahead with it. In short, if you asked me... I wouldn't recommend Cha Am to anyone else but people who enjoy golf, to take photos (but super limited also), or people that enjoy having absolutely nothing to do.

Nevertheless, Matt and I enjoyed our time there because at least we got some pictures!

Getting there
Cha Am, is a town situated outside Bangkok. You can either take a bus from Talling Chan, Bangkok's South Bus terminal, take a cab (around 3000 THB or more), or drive at your own risk.
I've heard that the roads and highways in Bangkok are super dangerous, and just FYI, Bangkok's roads are 2nd in the list for the the highest accident rate :/ So I wouldn't recommend the option.

We woke up bright and early to get to Talling Chan (around 1 hour from the city centre) to catch a 3.5 hour coach ride to Cha Am. Tickets are cheap at only around 150THB per pax, if im not wrong, and very comfortable.

The bus however, will drop you in the middle of nowhere. There's only a family mart in front, and a small table where you can find taxi drivers. You will need them to get you to your accommodation because there's simply no way to get around Cha Am.
They have no metros or public transport whatsoever. And if you're hoping that the taxis over there operate by meter, you can wait long because they wont. 
I was shocked when the taxi drivers quoted me 500THB for a 10 min drive STRAIGHT DOWN the road. I'm like ?! 500 THB you must be kidding. I got a laugh in my face by that nasty taxi driver and her fellow taxi driver colleagues laughed along. They shook their heads at me and proceeded to return to their seats, knowing I have NO CHOICE but to go to them sooner or later. 

I haggled to the best I could and time was running out. I needed to meet my airbnb host, and grab the car I rented, which was again, impossible to get to without a car/taxi. Lots of $$$ blown right there, just trying to settle in for our 2-days trip. That left me so frustrated because not only did I waste so much time and money getting to Cha Am, I wasted lots of timeeeee and the people were all so mean OMG. LOL

But anyway, like I said, Matt and I still enjoyed Cha Am because we managed to capture some really nice photos to share with you guys.
The main reason why I wanted to visit Cha Am was because of the Santorini Park in Cha Am after seeing photos online. As all of you know, Santorini, Greece (the real one) still remains as the BEST trip I've ever been on, and I thought that since I won't be visiting Greece anytime soon, I could at least have a taste of it nearer to home in Thailand. 

Entrance is priced around 200THB , if i'm not wrong which is not exactly expensive.
In there, you will find rows of shops and architecture modelled after Santorini in Greece.
It was super empty though, and almost 60% of the shops have closed down. Yes, not closed, but like died off, which is really sad looking. But I guess with a place like this with absolutely nothing to do, it's hard to keep the tourists coming and this place alive.
things to do in cha am, santorini water park
The empty park made it easy for photos, which was a plus to me!
I was wearing a Topazette piece which you can find on backorder here.
santorini, park, theme, park , bangkok, thailand
santorini,fantasy,cha,am,hua hin, bangkok
Dress: Topazette
Bag: Charles and Keith

I loveeee this dress because it's made of super premium quality and it is so flattering on the body. 
Featuring an off shoulder top which opens to a circle cut at the bottom, you can surely hide that tummy in this, especially after some fish n' chips like I did ><

Other than food and some shopping, you will find some theme park rides that are almost never operating because nobody is willing to pay extra to get on those rides.
But here's a gorgeous carousel that was so pretty :)
I then switched up my outfit before nightfall as we were going to head off for dinner.
To be very honest, I wouldn't even recommend the Santorini Park because we were literally walking in circles just talking and shooting. I can't imagine what normal tourists would do, they must be so so so bored!
The surroundings are actually very beautiful, but just... boring with nothing to do afterawhile.
After all, one can only get fascinated by the same kind of things you see for like 1 to 2 hours?
76120 Phetchaburi
Cha-am District, Thailand

Then off to Alpaca Restaurant, Cha-Am !!!
This place was unplanned for because it didn't come up as a search result when we googled for "Food in Cha Am" Instead, we drove past it in the day and saw that the place looked pretty, so we decided to check it out that night.
Greeted by so many Alpacas just roaming about in their pen right at the restaurant!
I think there were about 10 of them, all super cute and greedy. You can just go up to take as many photos as you like, or purchase some fresh carrots for 50THB to feed them. The good thing about the Alpaca restaurant is that they service a lot of eurasian tourists, so they speak really good english and their service was (for once in Cha Am) really good.

alpaca restaurant, thailand, bkk
The waiter helped us with this photo and even offered to take more!
Once nightfall came, the entire area lit up in fairy lights. It was such a romantic atmosphere and I was glad I decided to change into a gorgeous maxi dress for the occasion.
I was wearing the Premium Liz Maxi in Black that features really soft and elegant crochet detailing at the top, and an outer chiffon maxi skirt layer. I love how it has a slit that makes walking so much easier too.
Overall, I loved the Alpaca restaurant for its atmosphere and cute alpacas. It was something different that I didn't expect myself to be able to experience, really. But if you ask me if I would travel down to Cha Am just to see them? I would say no.
Alpaca Restaurant, Cha Am
Petchaburi, Thailand

It would be almost silly to, actually. The journey, 3.5 hours there and another 3.5 hours back, not including almost spending around 1000 THB for 2 to get around and another SGD$120 for car rental...
On top of that, there are no shopping malls, no supper places, massage parlours are pretty ulu and quite difficult to find unlike Bangkok. 

So this is just to share with you guys a very short summary on how my trip to Cha Am went down!

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Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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