5 quotes that spoke to me

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It was international women's day yesterday and there are so many good and inspiring content floating around social media because of that. I shared a piece of me during an interview I did with Montif , so you can head over to their blog to read more if you're not too sick of the whole IWD ordeal. Yet.
I'm exporting this post over from my Dayre because I feel that it's worth sharing to my blog readers too, hopefully it will help you like it did when I came across them.

So here are the 5 quotes that spoke to me:

1. Your circumstances don't define you. YOU define you
2. Who you used to be doesn't matter, it's who you are today that does
3. It's ok if you don't conquer everything today, you're still doing a good job
4. You're doing a better job than you're giving yourself credit for
5. Someone else's opinion is not your reality

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