Valentine's Day Special: How Well Do We Know Each Other Challenge !

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy valentines day all!
For your pleasure and entertainment, Matt and I got down to doing the How Well Do We Know Each Other Challenge .. With WHIPPED CREAM!

Just FYI, we had to wash ourselves 3 times that day and my clothes still smell of whipped cream after putting them in the wash 5X , LOL
The amount of commitment and sacrifice ><
I hope you guys enjoy it!

Im sure you guys already know that I'm working with Reelity TV on a new challenge series, called Challenge Accepted where i'll be doing challenges with different people so that you guys can know the other fun and goofy side of me.
I hope you're enjoying it so far! Remember to subscribe to them and also leave me with comments along the way to show me your support, it really means a lot.

Here are the other videos i've done so far:
Whisper Challenge With my Bestfriend (upcoming on monday!)

Thank you!


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