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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Technology has crept up to us silently, but quickly. In just a short span of a few decades, technology has brought efficiencies and processes to us we wouldn't have imagined possible thirty, forty years ago.

As a social media addict (HAHA) and having my job revolve around technology, it has undeniably become an essential in today's day and age. I don't just speak for myself or my closest peers.. I'm sure we can see how the existence of technology has changed our lives and how we do things.

Why silently? You ask.
Because everything happened so quickly in a blink of an eye, I didn't even realise how quickly times have changed in our everyday routines in just a short period of a few years.
Restaurants are now armed with iPads, allowing customers to self-order through the really seamless, fast and efficient application pre-loaded in the device.
Beautiful pictures, mouth-watering descriptions, special request columns etc.. you can now do everything from browsing, to ordering, to paying your bills at just a click of a few buttons.

Did you notice this trend in F&B today? haha I certainly didn't. I guess I was always too caught up with the food that I didn't really take notice of all these little enhancements that have made such huge differences to my dining experience.

Just a few days ago, I paid my favourite Chinese HotPot restaurant, JPOT a visit and look what I found!
Every table in the restaurant was fitted with a super high-tech, fast speed iPad. 
Looking around, I barely saw anyone waving their hands in the air to get the attention of the waitresses for order-taking or getting the bill.
Every waitress had their roles to play, and they did it so well and efficiently! 

With everything automated, time can be saved on going from tables to tables to take down orders, labor hours can be better used more efficiently and if you're wondering.. IT'S ACTUALLY MUCH EASIER AS WELL!

Here's an illustration of what we ordered that day on the iPad. 
JPOT's menu was so easy to navigate. Everything was clear. You find all kinds of meat under the meat section, Soup bases, vegetables, drinks, seafood etc. They were all neatly categorised so you can definitely find the items you're looking for easily.
Add everything to your order, and simply click on "+" to increase or "-" to decrease the quantity.
When you're done with everything, simply click on "send order"
If you're afraid of making mistakes because you're unsure, don't worry. There will be another pop up to prompt you for confirmation.
Click on "OK" and the order will be sent directly to the kitchen!
You can even preview your bill from the app so you know exactly how much you're paying.
With our orders sent in, we headed to the condiments bar to create our own sauces.
My favourite is the "Signature JPOT dip" how about you?
In no time, our orders arrived! And it really came sooo quickly. 
Everything was so organised, which really kept me happy because a hungry girl is an angry girl, haha!
As usual, Jpot did not disappoint. It is by far one of the best hotpot places Matt and I like to visit because of the freshness of the ingredients served and the soup bases. 
My favourite is the Superior Broth and having the soup alone is incredibly delish, much more cooking your pork, beef, vegetables etc in it. Once the soup base gets infused with all the ingredients, you'll get what I mean by refreshing and shiok! 
Don't worry, soup is refillable as well so you can go crazy with it.
I'm so thankful for the fact that technology is now so intertwined in our lives, and even businesses are adopting it within their operations to help improve the quality of their services. 
Innovations like these are so beneficial to consumers and more businesses should adopt it! HAHA

What do you guys think?


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