Sunday's date to The Deep Exhibition

Friday, September 11, 2015


Since it's a Sunday and I got the car today.. It meant overeating because having a car means being able to explore the faraway and inaccessible food places. Hehe  
Was supposed to send my younger sis to Dapao food and fetch her home, but we ended up calling both our boyfriends out for lunch and we decided to visit a nearby cafe because... good company calls for good food? Haha 


And BAM! A whole table filled with food.
Overodreing seems to be kinda therapeutic, and its a habit that is soo soo bad for me because I tend to overspend and overeat. 

My personal mantra: Eat first, worry later. Hahaha but somehow I always seem to worry and complain and never do anything ><
We decided to head to The Deep exhibition after! We've always been amused and fascinated by animals and the interesting creatures (even though I'm scared of them) 

Sun too bright

Managed to catch a candid shot of matt before realising that there was a woman in the photo squatting down there unglam-ly 😂

The sun was so hot I couldn't see what I was capturing!  
😪 (sucks) for me cause I thought I got a nice shot of matt and ran to "haolian" to him before going 😳 (oh crap) because the woman was in there 😞 ("he's bound to laugh at me")

Tickets were only $12 for Singapore citizens. So cheap and worth the money!!! 

These sea creatures were specially excavated from a few thousand meters down under the sea and that's why they possess certain characteristics our normal fishes here don't.
This is one of the angler fishes and it looks kinda gross.. But cool hahaha 
It's fascinating to know the process of bringing these creatures up to earth level and how they try to preserve the skin, organs and color of the animal for the exhibition.
I soon got hungry again and headed to starbucks for some Soy Green Tea Latte and their new Chocolate Cookie Muffin. Maybe they're not that new anymore? I dont know.. hahaha but either way it was so yummy!
Ending this post off with a super touristy shot because I realised we don't have that many photos of us as a couple (selfies don't count), so we asked the ticketing lady to help us with one.
What a lovely sunday well spent!  

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