Matthias's birthday weekend

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

As all of you might have already known.. We celebrated Matthias's birthday 2 weekends ago over a lovely weekend at Village Hotel Changi

Matt has been bugging me for the longest time for a staycation just for us to relax and spend some time together because he had been complaining about me burning all of our weekends away with my work. So this opportunity came by just at the right time!

We checked in around 2PM on a saturday afternoon and was greeted by a gorgeous lobby.
Located just 10 minutes away from Changi International Airport, Village Hotel Changi is a multi-award winning hotel that offers a retreat from the urban and a corridor to the rustic. 
Village Hotel Changi, breakfast, hotel, singapore
First thing I did was obviously to jump onto the bed. Wew, so comfy
We got the Superior Room and even though it was the smallest room offered by Village Hotel Changi, it was really spacious and super cosy!
Apart from the spacious room and relatively big bathroom, we also had a balcony that overlooks the beautiful Changi Beach
Village Hotel Changi, superior room, hotel, singapore
Presented the card I made to the birthday boy *.*
In case you're wondering, Matt loves burgers and I love fries, so we always referred ourselves to like burgers and fries LOL! So yes, what is more apt than a multi-layered burger right smack in the middle of his birthday card?
I also loved that the hotel provided complimentary coffee and tea in this little "beverage" compartment
We basically spent the day exploring the rest of the hotel, rested a little and shot some more adverts (yes, I had to work and I'm so thankful that Matt was willing to be my photographer even though it was his birthday weekend)

Then it was dinner at The Edge!
Here's the make up look I did for dinner that night, with the new Memebox Bad Girl eyeshadow palette Matt surprised me with. Super gorgeous colors!
The edge, pan pac, pan pacific hotel, singapore
We had the time of our lives and basically went to food heaven at The Edge. 
It was definitely one the better few international buffets we've had, considering we've tried a lot of other hotel buffets before.
Spread was amazing! You can find Alaskan King Crab legs, clams, scallops, prawns, oysters etc at the cold food section - all really juicy and fresh
Japanese section included your normal sushi, cha soba, even donburis!
The edge, pan pac, pan pacific hotel, singapore, sushi,
A wide range of sashimi was also available - Swordfish, tuna, salmon, octopus etc
I really love it when buffets serve swordfish sashimi, it is one of my favourite! Also because they have a chef at the counter that cuts the slices according to how much you want, you can request for salmon belly slices, which is most of the time hidden underneath from sashimi monsters like Matt and I :P
Charsiew and Roasted Chicken section
The edge, pan pac, pan pacific hotel, singapore, sushi,
Chilli Crab!!! Crayfish!
Pasta section. Their Aglio Olio is amazeballs!
The edge, pan pac, pan pacific hotel, singapore, sushi,
If you guys are intending to visit, TRY THIS
Parmesan, sambal crayfish cooked to perfection.
Dessert table was also super huge with the usual chocolate fondue, cakes and little mousse cakes
The best part was the little chocolate praline cubes that i've never seen at any other buffets before (Y)
Oh yes, if you're a durian lover, The Edge also serves Durian Pengat (Durian mousse) - not the best i've tried, but good enough :)
The edge, pan pac, pan pacific hotel, singapore, sushi,
Since we were there for Matthias's birthday dinner, I requested for a small birthday cake to be served towards the end of the dinner and I'm super impressed with the service of the staff at The Edge. They walked towards our table and started singing the happy birthday song really enthusiastically , albeit a little out of tune haha!
They got my request right and it was a tiny little successful surprise !
I would definitely recommend The Edge to you guys if you're up for a treat (Y)
Variety is amazing and the service is one of the best. I know they are probably never gonna see this post, but i'd like to say thank you to the kind and super friendly staff at The Edge the other day that helped meet our needs so efficiently.

The Edge, Pan Pacific Hotel
Tel: +65 6826 8240

We headed back to our cosy room at Village Hotel Changi and prepared for Day 2!
Breakfast was included in our package and once again, I LOVEEEEE waking up for hotel breakfasts. I'm such a breakfast person and I eat like a monster in the morning hehe. 
Looking at the spread just made me salivate (it's currently 1 am now as i'm typing this)
Village Hotel Changi
Village Hotel Changi, breakfast, hotel, singapore
Village Hotel Changi, breakfast, hotel, singapore
Breakfast DONE.

We wanted to go for a little adventure to Pulau Ubin to explore that untouched kampong and just spend a little time together, but the haze had us abandon our plans for the day :(
But if you're gonna be at Village Hotel Changi on a day with good weather, you will be happy to know that the hotel offers FREE 3 HOURS Bicycle rental at Comfort Bicycle Rental in Pulau Ubin!  
I thought it was really cool for a hotel to think of the needs of their guests. And of course, Pulau Ubin is one of the last few places you can visit to unwind under the swaying coconut palms, enjoy natural wildlife and visit the island's fruit plantations and mangroves.

Guests on this "Ubin Package" can also opt for Late check out at at 3PM instead of the usual 12PM which allows you to sleep in longer after a long and adventurous day!
The extra 3 hours gave me a good 2 more hours to relax and take a short nap after breakfast which I really appreciated :)

Thank you Village Hotel for seeing to our little needs like that, Matt and I had a wonderful weekend!
For more information on the particular hotel package we went on, click here.

Thanks for reading everyone ~


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