Sunday, September 06, 2015

Hop on in to find out what are my favourites this month:
Skincare, Make Up, Snack, Music, Show, and a secret item !

My skin hasn't been cooperating very well recently as I have been nursing a really persistent dry throat and flu for almost 2 months now. Now that school has started, I have been getting much less sleep and i've also been skipping the water and substituting it with coffee instead eeks!

One of the biggest problem I face - 2 huge dry patches popping up on my skin around my mouth!
Foundation looks gross because they cling onto my dry patches and they make my skin look so cakey and flakey.

DRx Bio Cellulose Facial Mask, DRx, Derma-Rx Singapore

Every week, I use the DRx Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask and this thing is SOOO GOOD. I've been an avid user of paper sheet masks for many many years now, and this DRx one is really formulated with quality, and really good ingredients that show its effects with just one use.
Yes- It is expensive! But if you've got the budget or if it's for a once a week / once in 2-weeks splurge, it is worth it.

DRx Hyaluronic Moisturiser , DRx, Derma-Rx, Singapore, Skincare, Facial Oil

On top of that, I needed a super intensive moisturiser and the DRx Hyaluronic Moisturiser is probably one of the most intense moisturisers out there in the market. Unless you have very very dry skin like I do, I wouldn't recommend this moisturiser as it is basically like a facial oil.
Book an appointment with a DRx doctor to make sure these products are suitable for you before you purchase them because they are definitely not cheap!

Fresh Beauty, Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Every 2-3 days, I will do a mask while waiting for my hair to dry or when I'm busy with other stuff like blogging.
Fresh Beauty sent me a few of their best selling masks and I really love them all (in depth review of the range is coming soon!) But if I were to choose , my favourite would be the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask , as its name suggests, it is instant perfecting!
I love the slightly cooling and tingling sensation when applied, and after 10 mins, I'll rinse it off to firm, clear and brighter looking skin.

Make Up
I've been using the same few make up products the past months, and ever since I lost my make up pouch with all my favorite makeup staples in it, I have been trying the hardest to finish up the rest of my "short-of-favorite" make up products in my stash.

Maybelline Eyeshadow The Nudes Palette

After losing my NARS Eyeshadow Palette in And God Created The Woman (that was my fave), Maybelline sent me another life saver - Their best-selling The Nudes eyeshadow palette.
There are 12 eyeshadow shades in there, and they've got all that I need - shimmer, mattes and satin finishes.
Pigmentation is great too for the price point, so this is the eyeshadow palette I have been using all month!

Clio Kill Cover Concealer, Full Cover Concealer

This month, I discovered the Clio Kill Cover Concealer and I am in shade 01. This concealer is so creamy, and provides incredible coverage. You have to go super light with this!

The Balm, Mary-loumanizer, Highlighter, High beam

Not long ago, I also shared with you guys my favourite (and new) highlighter. After many years of procrastination, I finally caved and bought the Mary Lou-minizer Highlighter from The Balm.
This is said to be the most heavy duty highlighter in the make up market and has been highly raved by everyone all around the world
I finally understood why after Gin, my make up artiste for the bridal shoot used it on me.
The glow was so intense but at the same time, not glittery because the highlight was so fine and the powder was so pigmented and smooth. 

For my brows, I only discovered this at the end of August when Maybelline very kindly sent me their new eyebrow pencils to try. Out of the 3 from the Fashion Brow range, I am particularly in love with the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper and the Cream Pencil.
The Duo Shaper has a pencil on one end, and a sponge applicator on the other with a very natural looking brow powder. Because I am blessed with thick brows, I am trying to tone it down and I'll usually only fill in with the powder side.
Application is really easy, natural and it lasts all day!


If you follow me on Snapchat, you will know that for the whole month I was obsessed with the Anzen Traditional Rolled Oats which you can get off your local supermarket for under $4.
They are so yummy, healthy and easy to make! I simply put it over the stove under low heat, add milk and thats it! Cut up some fruits / berries and you can have it for breakfast/lunch/snack.

Mints are also my favourite to carry with me all the time as I am someone with a super "itchy mouth" lol! I need to be chewing/eating/snacking on something at all times. And also to avoid embarrassing situations, these mints are super handy!
The Mentos Purefresh Sugar Free Mints Intense Mint is super intense and it freshens my breath like no other mints, hehe!


This month I have an interesting favourite - in fact, after discovering these, I immediately stocked up more on them because they are now my staples.
Yes, they are my Everyday Seamless Panties from Ruby Rouge. These are so comfy, soft, stretchable and more importantly, they keep my VPLs at bay. They come in 5 different colours, and are only retailing for $5.90 each, why not?
My favorite song this month would probably be Settle Down - Gentle Bones (support local, yay!) , Just A Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande , Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift (please watch the MV too!!!) as well as Eyes, Nose, Lips - Jayesslee

Favourite show... don't judge me all you anti-korean-show-cyber-warriors.. But I was so into WGM's Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon and they are the sweetest thing ever. If you're intending to start on WGM, i would highly recommend this couple as they are the best i've watched ( Amongst the other 5 or 6 couples ). But be prepared to let them ruin your reality LOL 

So that's it guys! I initially wanted to film a video for this but there isn't a nice spot at home for me to film so I've decided to type it all out instead.
Definitely a lot more restricted, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading!
Let me know if you think I should continue my monthly favourites every month :)

Blessed Sunday all 

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  1. I love how varied your favorites are (panties!!)
    I've been procrastinating on the mary lou-minizer since forever, too! Now I want to buy it even more...
    Actually I've been looking around for a good concealer to cover both acne scars and dark circles. The Clio one sounds perfect for the former, but I guess it's not that much suited for the under-eye area? Would love to know your opinion! :)

    1. Aww thank you Evelyn! Hahaha yeah it is a good investment and you definitely wont regret buying the highlighter. It beats all the others I've tried by a mile.
      I personally love Clio Kill Cover concealer for my entire face, blemishes and yes, even my undereye area!
      Depending on your skin and where you live in, the Clio concealer might be a little too thick and can get cakey if not used properly - So what I like to do is to mix it with a more liquid concealer (In my case 3CE waterful concealer) so that it is a more "hydrating" formula for my undereye. Apply it with a damp beauty blender sponge and the application will be flawless :)

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Mong! May I know how much the DrX products you mentioned cost? Ive been having dry and flaky patches on my face too :( I wanna go to DrX for consultation but I'm afraid that I'll be put off by the cost of the products so I wanna ask first :X thank you!

    1. Hello dear!
      I understand that DRx is pricey, I would also be thinking really hard if I were you! But I think skincare is really important and we can't skimp on it especially if you're facing a problem. The longer you drag, the harder it is to be treated. Furthermore, one problem will lead to the next and it's a neverending process. I would highly urge you to visit a skin doc if your condition has been persistent for a long time.

      If budget is a constraint, you can use bloggers codes for a discount just to try it out! I would also personally recommend Dr Hsu from DRx as he is a very honest doc that will do his best to help :)

      The mask is $20 each and the moisturizer is around $80 I think. Definitely not cheap but it will last a long time as only 1-3 drops are needed!