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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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Eye Trendy showcased their new MANGO Eyewear Collection at their launch party where I had lots of fun at with my girls!

Before that, we all know how Singapore's sun can get really unbearable sometimes. The rays, heat and glare are even sometimes unforgiving, so protecting our eyes from the harmful sun rays are a MUST.
But who wouldn't want to look good in the midst of protecting our eyes right?
A right pair of sunglasses can change up your entire look! 

It was honestly super difficult because all were so nice, but first, finding the suitable pair is key.

I'm sure many of you have seen charts like these before, I used it to determine my face shape and I think I'm somewhere in between a Heart and an Oval.
Next, pick out the shapes that are suitable for you!
Credits: Michellephan

Luckily for me, according to Beauty Guru Michelle Phan, someone with a heart/oval shaped face will look good in almost any frame shapes! (Thank god)
I had the privilege to choose 3 pairs of eyewear and these 3 immediately caught my eye!
The first pair that caught my eye was this gorgeous pair of prescription lenses, here I'm wearing the model MNG317 10 in full black.
I love how the series of MANGO Eyewear is made with such good quality - it feels sturdy to the touch even though they are made of plastic. 
But fret not, they definitely don't feel like your typical cheap plastic for sure! 
Look how it changes up my look?
On days when you think that your look is slightly over-worn or dull, put on a pair of frames like I did and tadah, I looked like a totally different person!
The next pair I chose was the model MN51910 
An oversized, super stylish pair of sunglasses that has just a tiny tinge of cat-eyes to it.
I have been wearing this out almost every single day since!
This pair is slightly oversized, which gives off a pretty fun, casual look. Besides, it has the slightest bit of cat eye on its ends so it gives an illusion of natural lifted cheekbones without actually making you look too "cat-like" like how many cat-eyed frames do.
Thirdly, if you're into stylish, casual frames then Eye Trendy has not forgotten about you!
This pair from H.E by MANGO Eyewear (model MN 508 71) totally screams out at the casual girls/guys that are looking to stand out from the crowd!
With the prettiest white trimmings along the navy blue frames, this pair of shades reminded me of what baseball girls would look like if they had to wear shades ><
As usual, i had so much fun posing with it!
The shades also come with polarized lenses, which I can't stress the importance of having!
I have never owned a pair of sunnies with polarized lenses because of the additional price I had to fork out.. and I guess I'm really regretting not taking better care of my eyes!
Having polarized lenses make a world of a difference, especially when you're looking out during a hot, sunny day when the sun is glaring right into your eyes.

Eye Trendy | Your Eyewear Collective carries over 20 brands of eyewear and MANGO is one of them! 

If you're interested in getting these gorgeous pieces, do note that this higher quality collection is only available in optical retail shops.

Even if so, I would highly recommend that you seek professional advice when it comes to picking out the right pair of glasses for yourself as having the right prescription is essential to beautiful, healthy eyes!

For more information on Eye Trendy, visit their website at www.eye-trendy.com and like their FB page for more happenings and updates ~ 

Now sit back, relax and enjoy my short little VLOG as I bring you guys to relive that fun Sunday by the pool with my hot babes :*

Check out EyeTrendy's instagram page at @eyetrendysg and stand a chance to win a MANGO Eyewear voucher by signing up at bitly.com/eyetrendy from now till 16 August 2015.
There are only 50 vouchers up for grabs, so hurry and GOOD LUCK!


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