9th August : Majulah Singapura Our Golden Jubilee NDP Parade

Friday, August 14, 2015

What being Singaporean means to me. I am beyond thankful that Boss Ming managed to get me a seat at the actual NDP at Padang as we celebrate my nation's 50th Birthday. 
We sang our hearts out, waved our flags vigorously, recited the pledge with all our hearts.
Not to mention the 1minute tribute to our late MM, Mr Lee Kuan Yew that tugged on our heartstrings. 
It was a heart-wrenching moment, to see how Singapore has evolved from the past, from rejection and separation, to fending for ourselves and starting all over to how we are now, a harmonious, modern, safe and efficient Singapore.

Apart from the ridiculous crowd that day- everywhere was PACKED and the waiting time was at least 40 mins anywhere, every single part of that day was perfect. 
Thank you skies for not raining too!

Happy birthday Singapore, there's no place i'd rather be.


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