A Breathtaking Moment

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting married is a “once in a lifetime” affair, and they say that a woman is bound to look her best when she puts on her wedding gown. I imagined it to be like a scene from the fairytales.

When Bel from Annabel Law Productions contacted me and asked if I was keen on doing a bridal shoot with her, I was very hesitant initially.

Don’t get me wrong, I trust Bel’s skills and I know how amazing she is at capturing our best moments. 
It was the whole “novelty” thing that I didn’t want to play around with. 
Getting married is something I have been looking forward to all my life, and likewise, wearing THE GOWN is also something I have been anxiously anticipating. I always wanted it to be the “first and the last” kinda thing, and I wanted it to blow me away.

But after much persuasion, I realised that this would be different – It'll be different in say.. 5-6 years time when I finally walk down the aisle..
Who knows what's gonna happen, right?

Then, I may not have the luxury of having a gown sponsor, flower sponsors.. etc. Budget constraints and the added stress that “this is the real deal” is bound to change things up. 
Whatever it is, I know it is not going to be the same because at least for now, I am slim, young and youth is still on my side. 
As much as I would love to remain like this 5, 6 years down the road, I know it is impossible.

People age, work and commitments bring stress, money comes into play, the lack of time to work out which makes maintaining a good figure tough etc.. you get the drift.

That said, I headed down to Jessicacindy Bridal Boutique located along Mohammed Sultan a few times for fittings. 
I tried on around 3 different dresses before putting on “THE GOWN” – I’m not even kidding when I say that I finally understand how brides feel when they find THE GOWN. It was as if the world came to a standstill and I’m not gonna be shy, I thought I looked exceptionally pretty in it. Hahaha!
A little dramatic, I know. 
And the funny thing was I actually went for the fittings alone so it was just myself and Mish, the staff at Jessicacindy who helped me with everything.
Felt pretty embarrassed over how I was going GAGA over MYSELF and the gown I was wearing and I was exclaiming like a mad woman “OMG ITS SO PRETTY” “OMG OMG OMG” I kid you not, I almost wanted to cry but I figured that would be super loser-ish because well… 
I was alone and who the hell cries over admiring themselves in the mirror??! 
Even matt didn’t cry (not even a single teardrop okay) when he saw me in it. 
Hahaha sigh pie, letting my emotions get the better of me again.
The gown I chose was as if it was made just for me. 
You guys know how difficult it is for me to find clothes that fit, much less a gown. This, was perfect and hugged me exactly at the right places I wanted, no alterations needed. I was like o.o maybe it IS MEANT FOR ME!
1920s inspired bottom with a beautiful mermaid cut, embellished neckline with just a little dainty train.. there’s really nothing else not to love about this gown.
Jessicacindy posted a beautiful write-up on the shoot, which you can read here. I totally did the dress no justice with my short descriptions, so if you're interested, head over to the link and read more!
On the day of the shoot, I met up with Ginny from Beauty Plus Me - the makeup artist who took care of me the whole day. We chatted, laughed, played with Miu Miu, her adorable pom. 
I don’t usually like makeup artists to do my make up for me because I am used to a certain look that I’ve created over many years of experimenting with makeup.
Due to time constraints, I decided to try out makeup artists again. The good thing about Ginny is that she prides herself to delivering what the customers want, which was really important to me.
She constantly checked on me, stopped at every step to make sure I was happy with the colour choice, the contour of my nose, the eyeliner shape etc.
Ginny also gave me a gorgeous romantic up-do to complement the back of the dress and beautiful embellished neckline.
What I loved about Ginny was how helpful and sincere she was, holding of the gown, hair, touching up make up, making sure I'm comfortable and enjoying myself.. wouldn't have been able to survive if it wasn't for her!
Us at the scene, Ginny was fixing something for me. Idk what.

Everything needed to be perfect – from the sunset, photographer, hair, make up, gown, to the backdrop and flowers.

I was very privileged to have Hello Flowers SG work together with us on this. They are such geniuses when it comes to flowers. 
Trust me when I say they can even make the nearby lalangs and weeds look super nice!
The colourful yarn backdrop was handmade by the kind souls at Invited SG which complimented the warm colours of the evening sun so beautifully.
Last but not least, a bride (or rather a pseudo one in my case) is not complete without the accessories. Since my dress alone carried a ton of bling, I wanted something simple, elegant and timeless.

JuelJewellery is a venture by a friend Jules, who saw that many brides often overlook the accessories when it came to their big day because they were busy fussing with the dress, venues, food etc. She wanted to provide a service that allowed brides/ladies who were looking for top grade costume jewellery to go with their dresses in a short notice. 
We all know how difficult it is to decide whether we want to invest thousands of dollars in jewelries like that we might not wear as often, so JuelJewellery offers renting services at a fraction of the price!
Meet ups for viewing and try on(s) are also available, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the right pair of earrings/ necklace to wear!

I would like to thank the ever-talented Annabelle from Annabelle Law Productions for making the shoot such a memorable one. Bel is so amazing, fast and this whole shoot lasted for a mere 1 hour! She’s someone really passionate about her job and it is well translated in her works J

This was a magical moment that made me feel like an angel for the first time in my life. I pray that my actual wedding will be as beautiful as this.

Here are the list of sponsors mentioned and how you can contact them:

G O W N 
Jessicacindy Wedding
8 Mohammed Sultan Road #02-01, Singapore 238958
+65 6698 7156

M A K E U P  &  H A I R
Beauty Plus Me
+65 97967779

Hello Flowers SG
8 Selegie Road, #01-04


J E W E L L E R Y 
Juel Jewellery
+65 93384287

Annabel Law Productions , Annabel
+65 91883728

Not forgetting my lovely readers, for sharing all these memories and milestones with me. For supporting me and showering me with never-ending love and sweet words. You guys mean the world to me!

Mongabong turned 40k last week and 1 million hits last month, and although it is a little late, I haven’t forgotten to give thanks every single day for blessing me with this life filled with all these opportunities I can’t ever dream of.
Evidently in a very dramatic mode right now, don’t mind me. These moments are so precious to me :’)

Filled with all the love and gratitude always,
Monggy <3

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Funny how you said you tried a few on before you got to THE ONE, that is so true though - I had that same experience as well and didn't bother to try anything else but THE GOWN. AND I am sure you are as beautiful a person as that dress too. Can't wait for your turn to come :)