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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just last week, I paid a visit to Spa de Sente, a massage / spa place that a friend of mine recommended. I really really loved my experience there so, here I am sharing it with you guys!
To be honest, I’ve never thought of going for massages, spas and foot reflexology in Singapore because I could never justify the $70, $80 bucks I have to pay when I could just go to our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Thailand and pamper myself there.

But…. The thing is , I don’t even have the time to leave the country, much less go over just to pamper myself! So I decided to give this place a try, since they open till really really late anyway.

On Friday, after I was done with all my work for the day, I decided to head down to try out the full body massage at Spa De Sente to pamper myself for working so hard the whole month, and I’m so GLAD I did. 

I’m not even kidding you guys… I left the spa feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated and it was by far, the BEST full body massage I’ve had in my life.

Because I decided to review this place for you guys, I snapped a little bit of photos. And if you’ve always had a misconception about massage parlours located at the heartlands being slightly shady.. this spa is the exact opposite. It looked so clean, neat, spick and span and super duper cosy!
Back to the point, I opted for a 1-hour full body finger press massage ($50) and was introduced to Mona, a very kind lady masseuse that worked her magic on me that day.

Let me tell you guys… Mona gave me literally the BEST massage I have every felt in my life. 
You know how you go to some massage places and the masseuses can press press press and go on for hours but you leave the place feeling as if nothing was done?

Trust me I’ve had so many massage experiences like these in Malaysia and Bangkok, I have accepted that good and really-skilled masseuses are hard to come by.
Thank goodness for this beautiful spa that I have decided to re-visit time and time again. 
Plus it is so affordable compared to other places – if you live in the east and in need of a relaxation hideout at 3 AM or so, I’d highly recommend Spa de Sente, and go over to look for Mona if you’re looking for a good, shiokkkk session.

I’m gonna be trying out their other services next, so hopefully I’ll be back with better reviews hehe.

#01-12 Beside Tampines Rovers SG
Opening  hours: 10AM to 5AM


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